Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


32. Childhood Best Friends Don't Lie

Jeff's Point of View



"How's practice, boys?", a bubbly voice said as I was standing beside the door of John's bedroom, "Oh, hi Jeff! All set for the graduation tomorrow?"

I looked back and saw John's mother standing beside me, holding her handbag on one hand and a pile of papers on the other. Looks like she just came home from work. "Oh, hi there Mrs. McAdams! Yup, we're all set," I said and gave her one of my sweet smiles.

Mrs. McAdams returned a smile and went to her home office. 

"So dude, all of your family members coming tomorrow?," John asked while hanging his graduation coat.

"Yeah, all of them. You?"

"Of course! Mom's gonna be pissed if Thea or my dad wasn't going," John replied, "Plus, my grandparents are coming too. I don't know why mom picked them they're like 3 hours away from here, but they said they were coming. Besides, the school gave us 4 extra seats each for our other guests. Turns out not everyone in our batch is graduating. Poor them. How 'bout you?"

"Wait. They did?", I asked sounding very clueless.

"Yeah, it says in the invitation. You better start reading man," John said sarcastically.

"Really? I didn't know. But is it okay if you don't use them?"

"Of course!," John shouted as he slouched on his bed and open his TV. I sat beside him. "Oh, you know what, since you're not using it, why don't we invite the gang!"

"Wh---What?", I said sounding very nervous.

"Wh---Wh--- YES! Zander and Leena! Thea's gonna be one of my personal guests so that doesn't matter. Aries also used his extra seats for his 'girlfriend' and some other people I don't know."

"UHM, NO! I'm bringing Caroline!", I shouted.

John stared at me and gave me an angry look. "I thought you took care of that already?! You told me you'd find a way?!"

"Yeah! But not right away!"

"Oh...SERIOUSLY?!", John shouted back, "Wait, if you didn't know the school gave us extra seats, how were you bringing Caroline?"

"I...I was gonna sneak her in as a family member too," I said and John rolled his eyes at me, "I didn't know about the extra seats, so I figured, I'd count her as an immediate family member. She's gonna be pissed if I didn't let her come."

John moved closer to the edge of his bed to reach the remote and then pressed the button to turn it off, leaving the two of us staring at each other. Actually, I was staring at him with a blank, and I'm pretty sure he's pissed again. After waiting for a few moments, he spoke again, breaking the silence in the room. "So, what? We'll just invite Zander and leave Leena out."


I was about to say something when I saw somebody standing beside the door, where I stood a while ago.

"Leave Leena out where?," Thea said while leaning on the door with her arms crossed.

John and I glanced at each other then immediately looked at Thea, but we didn't say anything.

"What? Did you two nitwits suddenly become deaf?!" Thea shouted, closed the door, and walked towards us.

"Okay, Thea!," John shouted back while standing up, "Calm down."

"OH, I AM CALM," she replied sarcastically.

"How long have you been there anyway?" John asked.

Thea, with her arms still crossed, moved towards the bed, sat down beside me, and looked straight into my eyes, "Oh... LONG ENOUGH."


Finally, I had the guts to say something, "Thea, look. I'm so sorry, but honestly, John talked to me and told me that I really should've told her. And I'm really thinking of a way to do that."

"Oh, well you don't have to anymore. You know why? Because you're going to use that extra seat of yours for Zander and Leena! It's the perfect time!", Thea shouted.

"No, please! Please!," I begged and pleaded, "... Caroline knows her already. In fact she was well aware of everything that happened between Leena and I. And she got really pissed especially that I went as her date to the Prom."

"Wait," John said looking really puzzled, "How'd she know about that?!"

"On the night of the prom, I totally forgot that I had to meet her at her house. So I went there after I drove Leena and you guys back home. She was really mad, so I told her everything."

Thea and John just looked at me, so I just continued talking. "And after explaining everything, she kind of... told me to stay away, and stop talking to her...", I said as I was almost whispering.

"YOU ARE JOKING, right?", Thea replied, letting out a soft laugh but she was obviously mad.

I shook my head and Thea gave a loud sigh. 

"Look, sis. I know you're pissed, because I am too," John said and looked at me, "but I think it would be smart to not invite her tomorrow. Unless you'd want a cat fight in the middle of the stage. You have no idea what Caroline is like."

"So all of us are there except my best friend? And the girl who you call 'unbiological sister' every now and then?," Thea asked her brother.

"I'd love for her to come!", John replied to Thea, then immediately turned his face to me, "But, she just can't because of YOU."

"Thea, I'm begging you," I said while facing her completely, "Please don't make her go. Just come up with an excuse. A white lie."

Thea gave me a very scary look. Wow, Leena and her really have fierce eyes. "You don't understand do you? We've been friends since we were small kids. Yes, we argue, slap each other, sometimes even wrestle each other over a slice of cake... but we never lie to each other."

And now, I felt really guilty. 

Suddenly, a cellphone rang and Thea grabbed it from her pocket. "So, I was on my way to her house but then I heard you guys talking about this shit. Now, what am I going to tell her?"

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