Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


12. A Sign From The Universe

8:15 am, Wednesday
I woke up still feeling tired as ever. We arrived home past midnight last night. I remember, Jeff woke me up shaking my arms and brushing my hair with his fingers. I was at shock for a moment, suddenly forgot why I was there, sleeping next to him at his bed and hugging his pillow. I could see Aunt Manna standing by the door calling my name, saying that we were already leaving. I looked at Jeff's eyes, which were a little red, probably because he felt uncomfortable sleeping beside me. I smiled at him, said thank you, and waved goodbye.

And here I was, laying on my bed, wearing the same clothes that I was wearing last night. My mouth was really dry and my face was oily. I probably didn't wash first before I collapsed on my bed. I went straight towards the kitchen when I saw my mom walking up the stairs.


"Hey sweetie. Finally! You're up. Breakfast is at the table." I just smiled. 

I saw a pile of pancakes calling my name on top of the kitchen island which made my tummy rumble. I poured over some maple syrup and tossed in a couple pieces of bananas and strawberries, then topped it with whipped cream.  I ate my scrumptious breakfast while thinking about what i'll do today. In fact, I had nothing to do today. Suddenly, I heard murmurs coming from the other room.

"---- I dunno, it's getting worse." My  dad's voice. "They just keep increasing and increasing the debt."


 "Why?! I thought they already gave them a grace period?" My mom's voice. She sounded a little mad and a little worried.


"Psh. Yeah right, the truth is no matter what they'll keep increasing the interest. The last thing I want to happen is for them to file a case in court, 'cause for sure we'll lose and Joe will lose everything."


"....oh. Well, then what are we going to do? I'm sure we can just lend them some money, right? To pay off the interest?"


"I guess we can. Is it okay for you?" The voices were a little louder now. It seems like they were walking towards the kitchen.


"Well, it's a lot. And I you guys have known each other long enough. And besides, I don't want this to happen to them. We've been in this situation before, and it was terrible." 


"I know sweetie, just make sure that you won't tell any----", I finally saw them enter the kitchen. Dad looked a little shocked when he saw me there. "Oh, hey Leena..." I think he knows that i've been listening to their conversation.


"Hi dad. What's going on?"


"I know you've been listening young lady." I told you. "But make sure you will not tell anyone. Not even Jeff, Cris, and Marion. Understand?"


I nodded looking very frightened. "Is it that bad? I thought we already met some people?"


"Yes, but not enough. Again, do not tell any of their kids." Dad grabbed his suitcase, kissed mom on the cheek, and went straight outside to get to work. Mom looked at me with her 'listen-to-your-father' look.


"Hey, I have to go to. I've got to do some errands. You wanna come?"


"Nah. I'll just watch some movies today. Relax."


"Okay, well just microwave something for lunch. Be back later in the afternoon."



And there I was, all alone at the house. I couldn't stop thinking about what dad said. Another deep secret that I couldn't tell anyone! I hate this! I just need someone to talk about all of these things going on right now. I hate secrets. And even more, I felt sad for Uncle Joe and his family. I couldn't imagine seeing Jeff at the gym and every night that we would be together without feeling sad for him. Plus, he'd be going to college in a year, what if they couldn't afford it? Same with his sister?  Uhhhh. I need to talk to someone. Just to get this out of my head. And of course, I texted my best friend in the whole wide world.


Me: Thealalala! You busy? Hang out at my place I have the house to myself.


After a minute she replied. She always had her phone in her hands.


Thea: COMIIIING! Movies? Popcorn? Ice cream?


Me: Got the ice cream. Bring popcorn. HURRYYYYYYY!


I immediately went inside the bathroom to take a shower and change the clothes that I've been wearing since last night. And as I finished dressing up into my pajamas the doorbell rang.


"All riiiiiight! Let's party babe!", Thea shouted looking lively as ever. She was holding about 3 packets of popcorn and a bag of Doritos, our favorite. 


"Wow, you brought a little extra! Come on! What do you wanna watch?"


"Something funny. Comedy, romantic comedy, blah blah."


I looked through our rack of DVDs. "Uhmmm... White Chicks, Just Go With It, Family Guy, The Simpsons,"


"WHITE CHICKS first!" Good choice! We loved watching that movie.


I placed the CD into the played and pressed play. And little by little, we were emptying the bag of popcorn, Doritos, and ice cream. This was how we relaxed. When we weren't in the mood to bake, we just did this. 


"So, you've been hanging out with Jeff for quite a while now, huh?"


Her questioned stopped me from smothering my mouth with popcorn. "Wohtth?" I said,  talking while my mouth was full.


"Come on don't keep it from me. Jeff is at out house right now, looking for colleges to apply to with my brother. And wow, they're looking at pretty good universities."


"Oh, really now? Yeah. Our dads are hanging out a lot now."


"So what do you guys talk about?" I can clearly feel that Thea was suspecting something. I knew her for a very long time now, and I know so much about her now.


"Okaaay. What  the hell are you thinking right now?"


"Yiiiee! I love it! You two look good together", she said while winking.


"Stop it, okay! Geez, I don't to feel awkward when I see him okay. So shut up!" I shouted and threw popcorn at her.


"HEY----", she shouted too while picking up the popcorn and shoving it in her mouth. "But come on, he looks good right?"


"Dude, whatever. You want me to start talking about you and Zander?!"


"Shoot. Zander and I have been chatting and texting ALL night. How 'bout you? What have you been doing last night?"


"I was at....his house." Thea stopped eating and gave me a really shocked look.


"I KNEW IT! Well, I didn't think that you were there last night, but. I knew there was something going on with you two! Especially the time when he dragged you out of the resto against your will to drive you home."


"Noooo. I was there with my parents too, you know. They had to talk about something."


"Well, what did you do there?"


"We just hung out in his room. Watched TV, that was it! ..... Well, then I kind of dozed off on his bed."


"You guys slept beside each other?!"


"NO! I was the only one sleeping, when he woke me up he was still sitting beside me watching TV. That's it!"


"Aww that's sweet! Do you think he has a girlfriend?"


"SERIOUSLY Thea? Well, I don't think so. I don't know he didn't tell me anything."


"Yiieeee! I'd love it if you guys got together!"


"Are you crazy?! We're just 15!"


"I'm 15. You're turning 16 next month, if you must know. And besides Leena, you look great together. I don't know about you but, every time we see you talk with one another, there's just something there. There's something! By the way, where's your phone?"


I grabbed my phone inside my right pocket and gave it to her.


She fiddled with my phone for a while and I continued watching the movie. "There, friend request sent!"


My heart stopped. "WHAT?!" I grabbed my phone from her immediately to look at what she has done. And after a few seconds, I saw a notification.


Friend Request Accepted


"OOH! He immediately accepted you! That is a sign from the universe!", Thea said raising her hands up in the air.


"No it's not! Why'd you do that?!"


"Because obviously, you were too chicken to do it. And please, I bet you wanted to, you're just shy to make the first move. Look! He's online!"


I grabbed the phone from her hand again and put it back into my pocket. "NO! No more, okay! So humiliating."


"Leena, please. Live a little."


"What if I did the same to you?"


"Too late. I'm not chicken. Already friends with Zander", she raised her phone towards my face to show me. She was friends with him already.


"Hmm, that's ballsy. So what about you and Zander?"


"GLAD YOU ASKED! He is awesome! I didn't know we had a lot in common! Plus, he often hangs out in our house with John."


"So I guess you beat me already. You're over a million points now. Thea that's great!"


"Yiiiee! I know. Hey don't worry, you got yourself a brand new man meat now." She pointed at my phone.


"AGAIN. Don't call him man meat!" That is such a silly word.


We continued watching the movie, laughing at it every now and then like weirdos. But I kept thinking about what Thea said. Before, we were so head over heels about Zander. Like, we would do anything to get to talk to him, and we would think of it as a competition between the two of us, who would get him first. And I was glad that she did. She was so happy about it!  And to be honest, my feelings for Zander was... slowly fading. I didn't want to tell Thea, because that would mean that I'd have feelings for 'him' already.


Do you know that feeling when you want to be with a guy, because he's awesome, funny, fun, and he's so nice to you, but you don't want to be with him at the same time because things might just get messed up and stuff. Oh and don't forget that you have a terrifying dad when he sees boys around you. Plus, the fact that you're only 15 right now and you're already thinking about getting even more close to him? I mean, it's just crazy!!! What the hell! I shouldn't even be thinking about these things right now.


Then again, call it as a 'sign from the universe' just like Thea said, my phone vibrated. I unlocked it and saw a chat bubble,


Jeff:  Hey :) 

My heart stopped. I looked at Thea, who was looking straight at the TV smiling like a weirdo. I looked at the screen again, thinking about what to say. My heart was beating fast now. 


Me: Hello :)


I closed the chat and locked my phone again. Smooth. I just didn't want to think about it right now. I just want to have fun with my best friend, even though she was the one who made me feel like this in the first place.

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