Too Late


1. Too late

“It’s not working anymore.” She hushed as she looked down at her feet. “What are you talking about?” The latter guy asked, confused. His thick, black eyebrows almost met as he asked. “I don’t feel like you still care for me… or at least see me as someone special.” She said, straining to hold back her tears. “You don’t want to be in this anymore?” The guy calmly asked. “I don’t know anymore.” She answered, rubbing her left hand with her thumb. “Then let’s break up.” He answered as he hugged the girl. “Until next time.” He said as he let go and went ahead. She looked at him as he walked away. ‘I know you still love her. I tried so hard to give you everything. Perhaps it’s my fault anyway. I loved you. I love you. I always will.’ She thought, walking away from his direction. -- After a week, the guy was constantly checking his phone. He knew that the girl was always like that, even if she breaks up with him a lot of times, she will constantly come back sooner or later. ‘She’ll send me a message, I know.’ He assured himself. Their relationship was always been like that. He knew that at the end of the day, the girl will come to him, begging for him to come back… but not this time. A ring from his I phone was heard. He smiled. He knew her very well but his smile faded as he read her message. Honey, Maybe during this time, you are expecting me to beg for you… again. I know you are still checking on her. Though it’s been so long since you two broke up… and it’s been so long since we were together, I can still feel and I know that you still can’t remove her memories from your thoughts. I tried to be okay with that. You knew I love you so much and I know… you won’t ever put down your pride for me. And the only person you would do that for is for her. I love you. But I just can’t hold you any longer. I know, you’ll be happy with her more. But if ever… if ever… you realize that you loved me more than her… or realize that you would like to put down your pride for me now… I would really be happy; however, sorry… it’s my last message to you. Honey, you won’t be able to see me again… or if ever we cross with each other again the next time… if ever… maybe you have another someone with you… or you came to her again. But honey, I just want to say for the last time… I’m sorry I got tired… of hoping that you’d love me too. I’m sorry for leaving you like this. But remember, I loved you, I love you and I always will honey. I won’t ever forget the moments we’ve been together. Her message left him dumbfounded. All could do at the moment is to let his weakness show because of her for the first time. Drops of tears fell down as he stared at her message.

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