Gang related

Maya killin is a normal teenage girl except that her brother David killin is in a gang maya has bin around guns drugs everything that's her life but then Maya's brother gets kidnapped by a Gang A.k.a. his worst enemy's maya has to move to Australia for some dumbass reason they put him there maya stays with a family and meets a boy named calum hood will she tell him the real reason she came to Australia

Nickname for David:Dave

Calum hood is NOT famous in the story

Maya changes her name


1. where is David


( after school)

I'm home I yell Dave are you here! Dave I say softer I run to his room. I open the door he is not there that's strange he always waits for me at home. I call Larry my brothers friend umm Larry I say teared up what's wrong he says have you seen David no he never leaves the house until he knows you're okay after school Larry says confused. Well he's not here plz send out someone to find him it's just not like him he knows how many want to kill him and he wouldn't leave just not telling anyone. Ok Larry response call you in a few k I say crying a bit I walk to my room I sit on my bed and think to myself no he's fine he'll be okay he's always okay.

I can't lose him I say starting to cry I lost everybody I don't want to be alone. I take a hot shower and got to bed mom died dad died my brothers and sister gone Dave it's my last family member who the closest thing I have to a Family he's my brother we went through everything together. I cry myself to sleep The next morning I act like any normal day and just go to school I walk down the hall to my locker and grab my math books for class my best friend walks up to my hey girl she say hi I respond are you ok maya she says oh yes I am just nothing. What she says spill it I know something is wrong I can tell she smiles JUST NO BECKY! I cry I run to my car and go home. I walk through the front door and slam it behind me I don't want to be surrounded by gang members for the rest my life it's just not for me I know it the life I get we have money anything we want but I don't my brother to be put in danger and I don't want to put in danger either. JUST FUCK IT! I scream



I wake up where am I I say out loud shut the fuck up some guy says NO FUCK YOU I yell back you better shut your mouth bitch the guy says. I don't say a word because I know they will kill me and I want to stay alive to see my sister She's probably worried about me I was gone when she got home from school. I need to get the fuck out of here my crew is coming for me I just know it I have known those guys since we were kids and it's just they just treat the both of us like family since they know our Family died . I see a shadow and then a guy he knocks me out.



I decided to skip school today I can not concentrate knowing my brother is missing with some Random gang bangers like fuck. I get a call from Larry he tells me I have to go to Australia to find my brother because the other guys know what the gang looks like so they will use me as bait that's just fucking great. But at this point I don't give a fuck I just want Dave home so I pack all my things and go to the air port the boys got me a pretend family and a school so I can fit in I board the plane and sleep the whole flight. I wake up just on time before the plane landed I took a taxi to get to some family's house I get there they show me the room they all looked so happy I haven't bin that happy since my family died when I was 11 in 6th grade. I just go to my room and cry a bit I miss my family how my mom and dad just told us they loved us so much and my little sister she was only 2 years old she didn't deserve to to die she was a baby. I put all my things up in the room and put up a picture my family they all looked happy that's how it use to be

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