Gang related

Maya killin is a normal teenage girl except that her brother David killin is in a gang maya has bin around guns drugs everything that's her life but then Maya's brother gets kidnapped by a Gang A.k.a. his worst enemy's maya has to move to Australia for some dumbass reason they put him there maya stays with a family and meets a boy named calum hood will she tell him the real reason she came to Australia

Nickname for David:Dave

Calum hood is NOT famous in the story

Maya changes her name





I look around and see a lot of new people it's just wired to not have friends or not to have anyone know you. I walk to the Office and get my locker number and see what class I'm in there was a boy in the office. so the lady at the desk said hey he's in you class he will take you the lady introduced us I'm Brooke steel I'm calum hood he said the took me around school. And walked in the class with me the teacher introduced me to the class and made me a set next to calum. As I walk to the set some girl trips me everyone laughs I calum helps me up and tell the girl to stop or they are over I just sit. The girl gives me a dirty look I flip her off and smile calum giggles your a funny one he says I guess I am I say.


I see calum he walks up to me hey you want to sit next to me umm sure I sit with him and his friends they all say hi I'm Luke, Michael and Ashton nice to meet you I say back. Sorry about Eva my girlfriend she can be mean when girls talk to me Calum says can tell I say sarcastically. Well Luke says where you from umm I can't tell you I say why not I just can't it's complicated let move on plz. Eva walks up to me and says well here comes the slut do you want my boyfriend well you can't so go away I say did I say I want him NO so shut the fuck up and stop being a bitch Eva gets get a lunch tray and throws it on me I gasp and push her on the floor she slaps me I punch her in the face she keeps biting me I hit her harder it takes all me boys to get me off of her. I run to a bathroom and try to wash off food on me calum runs after me he grabs my arm WHAT I yell at him your so hot when your mad he says. Just stop I don't have time for boys and you just met me I don't care I want you he says NO NO NO your hot and stuff but I have important stuff to do I cry what's wrong Brooke that's not my name!!! Then what is I want to know you well you can't ok calum you just can't. I run out the school and walk to that place I live

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