Gang related

Maya killin is a normal teenage girl except that her brother David killin is in a gang maya has bin around guns drugs everything that's her life but then Maya's brother gets kidnapped by a Gang A.k.a. his worst enemy's maya has to move to Australia for some dumbass reason they put him there maya stays with a family and meets a boy named calum hood will she tell him the real reason she came to Australia

Nickname for David:Dave

Calum hood is NOT famous in the story

Maya changes her name


3. fuck it



I get a call from Larry at 8:00 he tells me to go to a warehouse after school but he tells me to bring someone. I see calum come out the House next-door omg hey I say to him you live next door umm yeah are you mad?at me calum says quietly no I'm not but can you do something with me I need your help.

Ok I guess I can but tell me why you can't date me it's complicated calum just come oh I grab his shirt and pull on him ok I can walk he says I know I just thot I can suck you dick before we go WHAT calum says confused Its a joke calm down. We jump in my car and drive to the warehouse ummm where are we Brooke?

Can you call me maya plz I guess calum says oh and we are at a warehouse Obviously I say we both get out the car I lift the trunk open and take out bullet proof vests i throw one at calum what the fuck is this calum asks scared we just need it ok put it on I pull out a hand gun and some bullets omg calum says loud what I say back what is with the gun just let me do everything and you will be fine I pulled on this hand so he would come with me we walked in the door and I told his to hush I saw my brother in a chair tied up I shot some guy in the armWhich paralyzed him calum screamed nigga calm down.

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