Dangerously in Love

I don't know how much more of this I can handle. It's getting way out of hand......but I can't just walk away from it...from him? I'm in love with him. So dangerously in love, and I can never go back......ever.


3. Kidnapped

This cannot be happening!  Please tell me this is a dream!  No, Melody.  This is not a dream.  This is really happening.  I've just been kidnapped by a murderer.  Oh man, I don't wanna die too.  I was just about to scream before Jason put his hand over my mouth and threw me over his shoulder and put me in the trunk of his car.  If I was scared before, I'm definitely terrified now.  I couldn't see anything, so I used my phone flashlight to look at what was in the trunk.  I saw some guns, a few knives and...............is that a dead body?!  I covered my mouth before I screamed and made Jason even more upset.  I don't know who this person was, but I'm sure Jason thought they deserved to be shot.

The whole car ride was silent.  I'm sure Jason wasn't too happy to see me like before.  I'm actually glad this kind of car has an opening towards the front of the car so I can breathe.  I don't wanna die of suffocation.  I can't hold in my questions any longer.  I'm sure he doesn't wanna hear it, but I have nothing else to do.

Me - Uhm, Jason, where are you taking me?  Please, don't hurt me.  I've had enough beatings in one lifetime.

Jason didn't say anything and all of a sudden I felt the car jerk its way into a hotel parking lot?  What could we be doing here?  He still hasn't said a word, and just got out of the car opening the trunk.  He grabbed my arm gently and pulled me out.  How does a guy go from being a pervert, to a tough guy, then to a nice gentle guy?  Is it possible for a guy to be......tri-polar?

Jason started walking us towards the entrance.

Me - Jason, why are we at a hotel?

Jason - We're staying here for a few nights.

Me - What are you gonna do to me?

Maybe that was the wrong choice of words because Jason stopped dead in his tracks.  Then, he looked back at me.

Jason - Do you really think I'd hurt you?

Me - You killed someone in the woods.  What am I supposed to think?

He sighed before continuing to walk into the hotel.  He went up to the conceptionist and booked a room for the weekend.  The man gave Jason the key, and Jason grabbed my hand and led me towards the elevator.  Once we were in, he was still holding my hand.  I was still uncomfortable around him knowing that he could actually kill someone.

Me - Get your hands off of me.

Jason - Mel, do you really think I want to hurt you?

Me - Don't call me that.  You're a killer.  I'm surprised no one's called the cops yet.

Jason - Look, Melody.  What I did in the woods was nothing--

Me - So killing someone means absolutely nothing to you?

Jason - That's not what I meant.  It's part of my business.

Me - What business?

Jason - I'm in a gang.  What we do is very dangerous.

Me - How come you never told me any of this when we first met?

Jason - I'm pretty sure saying I'm in a gang that could probably get me killed is a turn off.

Me - Actually, the killing people part is the turn off......and the scare off.

Jason - Are you really afraid of me?

He started coming closer towards me.  I didn't know what to do.  I had nowhere to go.

Me - No...

Jason - You're lying.  You're shaking.

Me - I'm not scared.  I'm just cold.

Jason started taking off his jacket.

Jason - Here, take my jacket.

Me - No, I'll be fine.

Jason - Mel, please.

Me - I told you not to call me that.

Jason - Please, just take the jacket.  I don't want you getting a cold.

Me - You really care about me?

I was actually surprised because usually guys in gangs are just selfish jerks.

Jason - I know what you're thinking, and no, I'm not a selfish jerk.  All the other guys ever want is sex, but I want someone to love forever.

Me - Well, that still doesn't make you a good guy.

Jason - I'll admit, I've made some past mistakes, but I can't let that define my whole future, can I?

Me - I guess not.

The elevator finally stopped after what seemed like forever.  Our apartment was on the top floor.  Jason started walking down the hallway to the end apartment on the corner.

Jason - You wanna take a shower?  You still look cold.

Me - Sure.

I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes before getting in the shower.  I loved the warm water running over my shivering body.  The only thing I didn't like was the scars and bruises.  Some of them are from practically getting beat to death by my father and brother.  Most of them are from me cutting myself.  I know I shouldn't be doing that, but what else am I supposed to do about my feelings?  Write in a journal?  Not gonna happen.

After my shower I dried off, but then I realized I had no extra pairs of clothes.  I poked my head out of the door to see Jason sitting on the couch on his phone.

Me - Jason, I don't have any clothes.

Jason - Here, I got some while you were in the shower.

Me - From where?

Jason - They have a girls' mini clothes store in here.

Wow, that's convenient that he knew that already.  I wonder how many girls he's brought up here before.  I closed the door and changed into my new clothes.  I walked out and sat on the opposite side of the couch from Jason, still on his phone.  I still don't trust him.

Jason - Now, can you tell me why you wanted to kill yourself?

Me - I just don't feel loved.

Jason - C'mon, I'm sure that's not true.  What about your family?

Oh, man.  Not the family question.  Anyone who know me knows I hate talking about my totally screwed up family.

Me - My mom left when I was five.  My dad is barely around, and when he is, he's mostly drunk.  My brother is always with his girlfriend.  I don't even know if they really care about me.  The rest of my family hates me because they found out about my attempted suicides and I won't go to therapy.

Jason - What about your friends?

Me - They always lecture me whenever I bring it up.

Wow, I never knew how it would feel to be able to talk to someone about my problems who won't judge me.

Me - I'm sure you don't really care about me anyway.

Jason - That's not true at all.  I had something like that happen to me when I was little, but my dad left.  I was raised by my mother, and grandparents.

Me - Wow, so how'd you become part of a gang?

Jason - Well, I didn't really like the goody-two-shoes look.

Me - Oh.

Jason - I'm kidding.  I got kicked out of my house.

Me - Why?

Jason - Uhm...I, uh...I don't want to talk about it.  Anyway, it's getting pretty late.  We should get going.

Me - Wait, we're leaving?

Jason - Yea, I have to take you back to my place.

Me - But we haven't even stayed here long.

Jason - Look, tonight, you saw what you weren't supposed to see.  We can't just let you walk away.

Oh Lord, please help me.

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