Flash Fiction- Entry for Competition (Lonely)

My 500 word entry for the Flash Fiction competition


1. The Only Entry

Lonely- Entry for the Flash Fiction Competition (500 words)

I wait.

Days pass, maybe weeks, I've lost time.

Stuck here, in solitary confinement against my will. 

They might have stopped caring, and still, I wait. 

Hidden by the shadows, bending my fading light into darkness, I sit. 

Growing weaker and weaker with every breath, I'm sure I've lost it 


at last, the voices come.

They come at night, whispering in my ear as I lay on the rough, cold stony floor and hope for a few precious hours of rest.

They try to save me, but I'm too far gone.

I'm going crazy, aren't I?

I reach, but the voices just can't grasp my hand, they're empty.

I'm lost, spinning dizzy in my mind as I wander around my prison. 





my own misery, dragging me down.

And then

a chink in the door to my prison, another bead of light shines through. I try to scream, but my voice has long since left me. 

I hammer on the wall with what little strength I still possess. 

A stream of light shines through, showering dirt on my face.

I take a gulp of air as it rushes into my chamber, surrounding me in its freshness.

A hand reaches down, shouting words I don't understand. 

I reach up and-

I grab it.

The strong hand, grasping my wrist, starts to heave me up, but I can't

hold on, I slip

and land back on the floor of my prison, crying out

my right leg lays useless beside me,

tears slip down my face.

The dangle a rope over me, but the rope doesn't reach, again, just out of my grasp.

I can't move.

Numbness creeping up my spine, overwhelming me in a terrifying paralysis.

Slumping to the floor, my hands cradle my head, and 

I wait. 

Days pass.

Only hours remain, 

I can feel my life slipping from my fingertips.

Stuck on this floor, my life slowly wanes away 


the last voice comes, sweet and sympathetic. Calling to me.

And a light above me shone, brilliant and heavenly.

Heaven indeed.

And angels, my angels float down, grasping my arms and taking me with them and this time

no one lets go.


No longer.

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