More than a school romance

Frances is just a normal girl living in England. She will face many obstacles that many of us will face. Follow her journey of friendships, school and romance. Will it be the perfect life? Or will it be the realistic tragic ending?


2. two

If you are all a bit confused this is my best friend from primary school. We kept in touch for the first year of secondary school then lost touch.

A few days later by the pool

Me and Charlotte were sitting by the pool still catching up and I noticed a boy staring at us. As we start to get uncomfortable we leave but the the boy starts to follow us but now he is with this other boy. Charlotte seems unaware of the second boy. I has enough so I turn around and confront him. " what do you think your doing" "I just wanted to talk to you" " why me?" " because you're the girl of my dreams " this comment makes me sick so I leave but not before I slap him. Then I hear him say something that makes me feel so guilty " why on earth would you stand there and let this nobody hit your own brother" I turn to Charlotte who had anger spread across her face shouted " you are not my FUCKING brother" then she ran off crying. This boy try's to go after her but I stop him.

Once I found Charlotte she explained everything about how her dad had cheated around the same time she was conceived. So she has a half brother that has been living with her for the past few years.

Now things are slightly better for Charlotte but she will only come out of her room early morning to avoid the brother. It is mid day and I am on my own. I decide to go down to the pool. I go to a sun lounger and start to finish my book. The a shadow comes over me and I looked up to see the brother. (M me b the brother)

M-what do you want

B-please I think we got off on the wrong hand. Hi I'm Jamie


Me and Jamie started to talk and turns out that we have a lot of things in common. We both love music is the biggest of them all as music is my life. It starts getting late so I get up to change into an evening outfit. Before I go Jamie grabs my wrist an out of the blue kisses me. At first i am confused on what to do as this is my first kiss. I just relax and wrap my arms around his neck. When he pulled away he asked me if I could be his and in the spur of the moment I said yes.

I realise what has happened so I go and talk to Charlotte and she said that she was fine if I was with Jamie.

*end of summer leaving morocco *

J- I am going to miss you

F- not as much as me

Even though it has been like a month I have really fallen for him . We have one last kiss and promised each other that we would meet again soon. Cheesy I know but who cares.

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