More than a school romance

Frances is just a normal girl living in England. She will face many obstacles that many of us will face. Follow her journey of friendships, school and romance. Will it be the perfect life? Or will it be the realistic tragic ending?


3. three

ALARM* I woke up took a shower and got dressed into my favourite outfit: black high waisted shorts , my batman t-shirt, white converse and my lucky necklace.

As soon as I finished my usual makeup I was out of the door with by guitar in hand.

It is the start of 2015. Me and Charlotte have been as close as ever and we are constantly talking on the phone. Me and Jamie have been good but as we go to different schools it is harder to spend time together.

It is no the start on lunch yes only 2 more lessons to go till the end of the day. I see one of my friends Rosie on the grass and head over to her as soon as I sit down she asks me

R- have you seen the new boy yet he is ment to be super hot

F - I heard them lot saying that they are going to be his wife

R- I know crazy.

We start to imitate the way some girls act. We start talking and enjoy the sun while it lasted as English weather is never consistent.

R- hey can you play a song

F- sure

I get my guitar out and start to play 'your song' by David Bowie

As I am singing a crowd starts to form and every one is enjoying the selves. I finished any everyone started to clap and the wanted another song

F-okey. This is something I wrote with a friend it is originally a duet but here I go

( i am not going to put in a song just think of your favourite acoustic duet)

I am finished the fist part about to start the second the some boy starts to sing the rest of it but I can't see his face. We continue singing and the crowd splits and there he stands Jamie.

As soon as we are finished everyone is clapping and cheering all I can do is take off my guitar and jump into Jamie's arms. That is what I did .

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