More than a school romance

Frances is just a normal girl living in England. She will face many obstacles that many of us will face. Follow her journey of friendships, school and romance. Will it be the perfect life? Or will it be the realistic tragic ending?


4. four

We made our way back to the crowd. We didn't want to make a big fuss so we try to ignore all of the cheers and whoops that came from some. I also heard some girls mutter something but I didn't even know what they said.

I led Jamie by the hand and went to sit back down with Rosie straight away I was hammered by questions.

R- what was that? Who is this? Why didn't you tell me? Did you see the look on their faces?

F- Breathe Rosie breathe

R- ok but explain

F- Jamie this Rosie my best friend, Rosie this is Jamie my boyfriend

J- nice to meet you

R- when did*pointing in between me and Jamie* this happen

F- in the summer

R- and you didn't tell me * acting as if is hurt*

F- it's not something I want to boast about

We just sat their in silence for a while. I decided to open up my song book and I wrote down random lyrics and Jamie put his arm around me. Gosh I am so happy right now.

The bell finally went for next lesson so I kissed Jamie good bye for now and off I went to English.

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