More than a school romance

Frances is just a normal girl living in England. She will face many obstacles that many of us will face. Follow her journey of friendships, school and romance. Will it be the perfect life? Or will it be the realistic tragic ending?


5. five

I walked into my classroom and sat in my seat. My teacher said " today we are going to be doing scenes from this years school play and the ones who are exceptional will land apart this year" I really hoped I was the lead I loved this play. It is a original written by year 13 students who don't for their a- levels.

Before we got paired up Jamie walk in and handed a note to her."alright class we have a new student Jamie. Do you know anyone?"

" ya I know Frances " " alright you can partner up with her" he came and sat next to me and grabbed my hand.

*twenty minutes left *

Alright time to perform I am so nervous but I have Jamie by my side. ( Frances - Anna ,Jamie-jake)

A- jake how could

J- what do you mean

A- I saw you with her

J- I thought you trusted me

A- I thought I did but I guess it was all a lie

J- none of that was a lie all I said to you is true everything

A- don't you think I heard her and you how I was just a dare that it was unbelievable that you kept up with this for so long.

J-I only said that because it was a dare to flirt with her and get her number. I only said them things because it was the only way to get her to believe that it was real can you please forgive me

A- maybe time will tell but right now just leave me alone

J- what so that's it you don't love me anymore

A- don't you get it I do love you

I turned away but before I took a step jake grabbed my arm and pulled me in to a searing kiss"

"Well done you to that was excellent "

When he kissed me I forgot about everything

*after everyone's performance*

"I think it's a easy choice Jamie and Frances you have the part"

As miss was talking to a member of staff everyone else is talking then out of the blue someone tapped my shoulder and I turn around to see who it was and it was Luke"can I talk to you about something " "sure" "that was Great acting" " what do you mean by that""how you pretended that it was real ""that is acting""anyway go out with me" " is that a question or a statement " " what would you like it to be""neither " and I started to walk away but Luke gripped me on the shoulder "don't get smart with me""get off your hurting" trying to get out of his grip then Jamie came over"stay away from her ""why should I listen to you""because I'm her boyfriend " I took Jamie's hand in to mine and walked away giving him a kiss in the cheek " you know that I could of dealt with him " "I just wanted to let him know that you are mine "

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