More than a school romance

Frances is just a normal girl living in England. She will face many obstacles that many of us will face. Follow her journey of friendships, school and romance. Will it be the perfect life? Or will it be the realistic tragic ending?


1. one

Hi my name is Frances and I am 15. I am just a regular student staring their GCSE's. Today is finally the day I am going on holiday to Morocco I have been counting down the days until this moment.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my mum "Frances hurry up we need to leave everyone else is in the car".

" alright I'm coming, calm your horses"saying whilst coming down the stairs.

Skip journey to airport:

Finally we got on the plane. I get in my seat pull my headphones out and turn on my favourite playlist and grab my book and I am set for the next few hours.

Skip plane ride and drive to hotel:

As soon as I got to my room I leapt across the room to get the best bed before my sister Robyn.

(R Robyn f me)

R-what do you want to do

F- don't know maybe explore the hotel

R-sure but tell mum and dad first

F-fine I will go now

I called my mum and she said it was fine so off we go exploring the hotel. In the midst of looking around I heard a recognisable voice. I turn around.


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