Pluto Di Angelo

What happened if the Di Angelo family had a third child, a more powerful child? She is the younger sister of Nico. What if Nico broke the one promise that little Angel held on to? Would she become stronger than her father? Will she become a goddess?
Percy Jackson Fanfiction


5. My First CTF

The next morning, I got up, and Nico’s bed empty, and found a set of leather armor, which had a black plume on the helmet of it. I dawned on the armor then head to the training ground. When I got there, I hit my bracelet, an event horizon of my inner self, as the blackness slowly swirled around me like the motion of the black hole which my soul was so much alike, you could see that I held something else in my hand where my bracelet laid, what I held was my staff. My black staff, that if people get close to it say they can hear whisperings from it, it was made out of Stygian Iron, a gift from my father. I started to train when I get a tap on my back and I spin around and put the one that tapped my shoulder on the ground.

“Nico, what do you want?” I spat and turned, jumped and decapitated a dummy. Then I turn back to Nico. “Next time James, don’t interrupt my training or that,” I motioned to the dummy. “Might end up you,” I help him up and then hit my staff on the end which caused it to go back to my bracelet, which I put back on.

“I didn’t make that promise to Bianca, she made that promise to me, the same promise that I made to you,” when he mentioned his promise my silver eyes turned to a molten black.

“Trend carefully of your next words brother,” I hissed.

“I had no choice, Bianca made me leave I had no choice…” I picked him up by his throat, interrupting him.

“James you made two mistakes in a sentence, first one blaming the dead, and two, lying to me,” with that I threw him and that was when the conch horn sounded, signifying that we were to all meet in the dinning pavilion. I took my time to get there, and when I got there everyone was wearing armor, but with different color plumes. That was when Chiron trotted up with his bow on him and what looked like med supplies.

“Campers…. QUIET,” and surprising everyone listened. “We have three new campers: Rhianna Jackson, sister to Percy Jackson, also the daughter of Neptune, John son of Nxy, and Angelexis Mary Di Angelo, sister to Bianca Michelle Di Angelo, and Nico James Di Angelo, daughter of Pluto. We need teams for these three new demi-gods,” Nico raised his hand as well as that Percy kid.

“I will take Angelexis and John, Chiron,” Nico said, I rolled my eyes as I made my way over to him, and blushed when John waved.

“You idiot brother, what made you think I wanted to be on your fucking team?” I hissed, and the shadows begun to stir, John looked around anxiously, the campers started to murmur, but when John put his hand on my shoulder, everything stopped. “Just stay away from me brother,” then the horn sounded for the games to begin, capture the flag.

I was standing in the middle of the forest when everyone was fighting around me, I stepped backwards and shadow traveled where the other campers flag was at I grabbed it and just walked to the line and crossed it and the horn sounded saying that my team won. When everyone tried to congratulate me I just pushed them aside and sat by myself slowly eating my food. Well my first CTF went well.

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