Pluto Di Angelo

What happened if the Di Angelo family had a third child, a more powerful child? She is the younger sister of Nico. What if Nico broke the one promise that little Angel held on to? Would she become stronger than her father? Will she become a goddess?
Percy Jackson Fanfiction


2. I check out

When I woke up I was in my room. I sat up and it seemed that everything had begun to spin. That was when I was called down to the front desk.

“Angelexis please report to the front desk immediately” I sigh, fall back on my bed not wanting to get up and face the music of what happened. I don’t think it was me, but the coincidence is too much for people not to believe that it wasn’t me. Finally thought I got, up went to my closet, there was a backpack hanging in with my stuff. I guess it is time for me to go huh, I chuckled under my breath. I put my AC/DC muscle shirt on, tucked into my black pants, clipped my chains on, and sat on the bed and put my combat boots on. That is when I looked at the room for the last time and then headed downstairs to the front desk. This should be interesting. I got to the front desk and they had security, and a Minotaur, waiting at the entrance.

“We need your gaming cards, and then you are to leave and never come back,” an employee said. I knew this was coming so I already had them out.

“Whatever anyway, this place was getting boring anyway. Where are my siblings?” the employee shrugs. Wow, I have no parents, and my only shelter I have ever had, a casino is now kicking me out an eight year old. Wonderful huh? “Where shall I go? You guys realize that you are putting an eight year old on the streets with no directions,” I sass at them.

“Girl, all we know is that you need to find a camp, with strawberry fields,” then the Minotaur, grabbed me by the arm and escorted me out of the casino.  I kept trying to pull my arm away from old cake himself but after we was outside, I hit my bracelet and spun around and hit him with my staff, which was bracelet. With a surprised grunt he burst into dust. I turned around and looked where I was at, Los Vegas. I don’t remember going to Los Vegas. Then I thought to myself, I don’t remember all these huge buildings everywhere, nor the metal boxes that seemed to swallow and spit people out. What year was it? It was 2014, then I did the mental math. I was in that place for 153 years! I only look like an eight year old. I shook my head as I begun to walk away from the witch house, that is now what I shall call that place, what this century calls the Lotus Casino, I shall call the witch house. Now, I was trying to remember where I was supposed to go, to control my emotional outbursts that destroy stuff, I giggled. They was scared of an eight year old, I guess most people can’t say that huh, I laughed again. As I was walking down the sidewalks, people would walk past me and star at the eight year old Goth kid, with a strut in her step. With that strut, everyone parted like the red sea, if you are a Christian. With that I found a bench and started to go through my bag, wishing there was something that I could use to get to where I needed to go. That was when I saw a gold coin, a coin that I could’ve swore wasn’t there before. With that coin, I closed my eyes and then opened them, there was a smokey box like the people was getting in around me, but it seemed like they didn’t see this one. The door opened for me and a raspy voice called out.

“Princess? You called for a demi taxy?” whoever called out asked. I looked around thinking that they must have been talking to someone else but they wasn’t. I got up and got in the smokey death trap. “Where do you need to go, your highness?” they asked. There was three I don’t know if you would call them women or men, because they was so disfigured it wasn’t funny.

“Um, I need to go to some strawberry field that has supposedly like an anger management program,” I said then all three of them turned to me and I screamed. Where their eyes was supposed to be was a spot covered in thick skin, and all three was like that. One of them held an eye, and apparently could see me. I screamed again. With that I got out of the car and it disappeared, and I sat down and cried. I dug through the bag again hoping to find cash then I brought out three gallon bags full of 100 dollar bills. With that I headed up state, taking the bus, till someone or something scared me, or something attacked me, then I would fight. No one was going to take me.I am the Daughter of Pluto I will not be killed, I will survive, I am successor of the Underworld.

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