Pluto Di Angelo

What happened if the Di Angelo family had a third child, a more powerful child? She is the younger sister of Nico. What if Nico broke the one promise that little Angel held on to? Would she become stronger than her father? Will she become a goddess?
Percy Jackson Fanfiction


6. Dreams

Down side about a demi-god’s dreams, is that they are not quite dreams, they are visions of the future or the present somewhere else. That night I had the worse dream that I ever had, Nico and Father was in it, so was the Furies that I sent back to him with my message.

“My Lord, your daughter sent us and banished us here, she said to tell you that she said to give you her regards, she made it where no more of your monsters can leave Tartarus,” one of the furies rasped.

“My daughter, do you mean Bianca?” he asked, and the fact that he automatically assumed of Bianca, made me cry in my sleep.

“No, My Lord, Proserpinae et Principem, Pluto’s Princess,” the fury let that hang in the air.

“Angelexis,” that was when the throne room doors opened and Nico walked in, with a skeleton on each side.

“Yes Angelexis survived, and she is stronger than you Father,” Father’s eyes widened.

“Stronger than me?” he couldn’t believe me.

“Yes, she is even stronger than Zues,” and I could hear thunder and lightning through the layers of ground of the ceiling of the Underworld. “She could take over Olympus if she wished. I could kill her if you wish that way you throne is not threatened,” Nico proposed.

“No, you will not do anything, I plan on taking over Olympus myself. I will summon you sister here, and hopefully convince her to be as loyal as you are, but I believe she has her mother’s spirit,” he said sadly.

“Father is that why you wanted to leave her in the Lotus, because she looks like Mother, so in a sense keeping Mother in a way, that way she is not riddled with age, and she doesn’t get killed,” Father nodded.

“I will send word that I will be starting a war, and that Hazel, is sentenced to the Asphodel Meadows, knowing your mother, and how Angelexis is so much like your mother, she will try to rescue her. Go back to camp, no one is to know what you tired to propose to me,” he walked away and I woke up to a start.

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