Pluto Di Angelo

What happened if the Di Angelo family had a third child, a more powerful child? She is the younger sister of Nico. What if Nico broke the one promise that little Angel held on to? Would she become stronger than her father? Will she become a goddess?
Percy Jackson Fanfiction


3. Behind the Strawberry Fields

I was wondering around New York, not having any idea where I was going when I saw this girl coming up running with all three furies, and like a dozen of hellhounds on her ass. So I summoned some skeletons to take care of the hellhounds. Looked at the furies,with a rage that cannot be controlled.

“Furies, this is my land. You are out of Father’s rule, go back to whence you came!” when they started to fade, as they screamed. I smiled a tight, dark smile. “Give my Father my regards,” then they disappeared. I looked at the girl. “Hello I am Angelexis Mary Di Angelo,” I stuck my hand out to shake hers, she shook her head.

“I am Rhianna Jackson, I am sorry I am a bit startled. You summoned Skeletons, and banished those thing back to wherever they came from,” she kept shaking her head. Then I felt a disturbance in the shadows, I turned around with my staff, and there was a boy with dark, black hair, pale, blue eyes, and a sense of authority about him. “Child of Nyx, I didn’t expect that,” I lowered my staff, and his eyes widened. “Sorry about the staff. I am Angelexis Di Angelo,” I shrank my staff back into my bracelet, and stuck my hand out to shake his.

“I am John,” I looked away and then started to climb up the hill, past a big tree. Beyond the Strawberry fields, was a camp, but not any normal camp, this camp was a training camp, a training camp for Demi-Gods. Welcome to my life, welcome to the life of a demi-god.

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