Reading is an Addiction Too


1. Chapter 1

There are many poisons that wouldn’t show up in an autopsy; I am a very good friend to have, but a very bad enemy, should you cross me. I know the inner workings of the mind as a wizard would know his wand, a mechanic would know his car, or a teacher would know her class; and I can manipulate you the same way too. After all, you’re reading this, aren’t you? You’re reading it in what you think is your voice; I’m letting you think that. With every passing word that you read, you are becoming more and more hooked: the poison’s effect on you has begun; and your eyes daren’t dart down the page, for fear of a spoiler that will render you mute. You already are though. Try and speak, and I bet you can’t. Or if you can, you’ll be told to stop talking to yourself; the poison’s in deep now, you’re hearing your voice collide with mine, and it’s killing you. Why did you pick up this book again? Because I told you too.

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