No Escape

I was an innocent, I was blamed, I was taken.


1. Captors

I tried to run away, but there was no escape. My captors roped my hands and took me to a dark room where they blind folded me. I struggled, but the burly men just tightened their grip on my upper arms, they led me down some sort of dark hallway. I heard a door open, and moments later it slammed behind us, I heard the clinking of keys, and the rattling of the keys going into a lock. When the door creaked open, cold air hurried to greet us, some sort of metal cell door opened, and I was shoved inside. The cell door slammed shut making me jump, "You forgot to take off the blindfold." I yelled, in return, one of the men chuckled and slammed a door behind him.

I was all alone, I lay on the cold, concrete floor and tears silently fell down my cheeks. I tried to loosen the ropes that were digging in to my skin, but it only made my wrists bleed even more than they already were. I decided to try to get off the blindfold instead, I lifted my shoulders to my ears and started pushing up. After trying for twenty minutes, the blindfold started to come off, I shook my head, jerking it everywhere I could. The blindfold finally complied, and flew off my head and flew to the other side of the room. I was sitting in a damp cell, it was quite small, there was mold in the corners, and I could only barely see beyond the cell.

At the back of the cell there was a broken iron rod, I stumbled over to it, and put my hands, (which were tied behind my back) on top of the jagged rod. I pulled down on top of it, and after a few tries, I broke free. There was a bench sticking out if the wall with a soaked, old blanket. I walked over to it rubbing my bloody wrists, I sat down curled into a ball, and fell into a troubled sleep.

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