No Escape

I was an innocent, I was blamed, I was taken.


2. Becoming A Slave

Chapter 2


I woke up to banging on the cell door, I screamed and fell into the hard concrete floor. "Get up you useless women!" A burly man yelled as he came into the cell. He grabbed my bruised arm, and yanked me up, "so you got rid of the ropes and bandana... We should tie you up better next time." Another man appeared at the door and said, "I can take it from here." He walked in. The man that was holding me threw me at him, "good luck." And he left the cell. When he was out of ear shot, the man that came in pulled out some cheese and bread.

"What are you going to do with that?" I spat, "eat it in front of me?" The man looked up at me, he had a large scar across his cheek.

"Eat up, you won't have this much to eat until I can sneak more out of the kitchen." He threw the cheese and bread at me.

"Um, thank you." I stammered.

"The other men are planing to put you to work,"

"Like a slave?" I said repulsed.

"Precisely, so, be ready." He turned to walk out.

"That's it? Your not even going to help me escape? Or get me out of the work?" With that, he slammed my cell door shut and said, "they will come in ten minutes." I sat down on the floor in shock, I had never worked before, my servants always did work for me. I waited with my thoughts until they came. "Are you hungry?" One of the men said. I simply nodded, "good, cause you are going to have dinner with your master."

"I have no master, I'm the-" he cut me off.

"You do now," he started talking two men behind him, "grab her." The men came in and grabbed me, one of them was a young boy, he looked about my age. The boy had sandy hair, and bright blue eyes, he was holding my arm loosely, he had seen my bruises. The man on my right on the other hand was squeezing my arm with all his might, I yelled in pain and the man in front of us cackled.

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