I Fell in Love With my Bully

Louis Tomlinson wakes up to start a brand new day at a new school called Harding High. Louis doesn't know anyone here but he does meet a blonde hair boy named Niall Horan. Then Louis sees a curled hair boy with 2 other boys. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik was there names. When Harry looks deep in Louis blue eyes Louis knew that he liked Harry Styles that moment. Harry, Liam, and Zayn bully (mostly Harry) Louis for being gay and a crossdresser......


1. Getting Read For School


BEEP BEEP BE-. I stopped the alarm I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. I heard a knock at my bedroom room. "Boo Bear time to wake up for school and please wake up the girls for me please and thank you," Jay said. I groaned even louder but I said "Alright Mum." "Thanks". Then I heard her footsteps disappear downstairs and got dressed with a pair of black leggings and a medium grey shirt for my first day of school.

I walked in to the twins room and saw Phoebe and Daisy, stuck his head in their room and saw the most cutest thing he had ever saw. He had smiled when he had saw the twins sleeping so peacefully it was too cute. "Phoebe, Daisy time to get up sweethearts for school." I heard both of groan very loudly. Daisy said, "Alright Lou we'll be done in a minute." "Alright but hurry though we don't Mum to be mad." Next it was Fizzy and Lottie and these girls are hard to get up. I sighed before i opened their door slightly I peek in and saw that they were up laying in bed playing on their phone. I opened the room more and said "You guys are already up." They both looked up and said "Good Morning Lou" in a unison. "Well, OK weirdos Mum said to be dressed and downstairs for breakfast bye."

I walked back to my room sat on my bed and put on my shoes, put on some mascara and grabbed my glasses. I walked downstairs to find my beautiful Mum and all four of my sister eating breakfast. My mum looked up and saw me "Lou Bear come have some breakfast before you go to school." I shooked my head "No thanks Mum I want to get to school to get my schedule." I went to pick up my book bag from the table, kissed my mum and my sisters, and said "Bye guys I love you." They said "We love you too Lou have fun."I ran out the door to school.

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