Silently Spoken

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn. - Anne Frank


12. Wednesday May 27th 2015

Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important and you’ll capture it perfectly.

Long-time no write, right?

Well, in all honesty I’ve been really busy. I know I keep saying this, but it’s true. I prioritise things, maybe I prioritise things a bit too much. Plus, I know people say that a writer should always find time to write. But then, I always find something that is more important than writing that has to be done. I guess it’s just ‘me’ thing. It does have its benefits though, for example it makes me feel organised which ultimately makes me feel a little happier.

I was being busy again with the renovation stuff, but today is the day it’s finally finished! Painted three rooms, sorted the front living room and swapped a heap load of furniture – all in five days. That is pretty good considering that there were three annoying little sisters running about and arguing all the time. My room turned out great. Three of the walls are painted grey and my main was has a pattern on it. I decided to create a pattern with masking tape and then paint over it with grey. Once it was dry and I peeled off the tape, there was a beautiful design left. I then got a really cool bookshelf fitted. This time it was actually big enough the fit all of my books onto. Overall, my room is much bigger now and much neater.


It makes me feel happy. My old bedroom was way too small and all my stuff was crammed into places and in front of the window was another roof so that sunlight never got in. I had a creaking bunk bed which made a loud noise every time I turned. I guess that’s where most of my negative energy was sourced. I needed open space and I needed to feel the sunlight on my skin while I worked. This new room is exactly what I needed and although it may not be perfect, it fits me well.

My room includes a lot of recycled and old stuff as well. My desk is making out of spare kitchen counter tops and cabinets. It looks so modern and cool. I’m using my sisters old bed, but I’m content because it doesn’t creek and it’s not a blooming bunk (l’ve slept in a bunk for nearly my whole life). The shelves used in my room are way back from my old house. My wardrobe is one that used to be my sisters. I have even got a small sofa in my room with grey, white and black stripes. My light shade is the best thing though. It’s just an old metal frame and nothing else. It’s something I like to called minimalism. I think my style as a designer really comes through when looking at my room.

Anyway, aside from all the redecorating I finally put up two of the videos I made for college onto YouTube and I want to start making more videos during the summer and uploading them. I have also gotten some theory practise out of the way. There are some topics that I am good at and some topics that are like what the hell. But I firmly believe that if I practise regularly and keep revising on some driving rules, I can pass the theory first time around. I'm a firm believer of practise makes perfect.

I’ve also been doing a lot more cooking. I’ve managed to make chapattis round as can be and I can even make them puff up when it’s on the gas. I can now safely say that after two years of trying to make my chapatti round, I have finally mastered it. I can also make some mean spiced potatoes.

Although I can cook well enough for a 17 year old, I haven’t really been handling my weight really well. I haven’t stepped on the scales since God knows when. I kind of don’t want to. I haven’t even consumed any green tea and I know that I haven’t been drinking enough water. I stopped the water, lemon and black pepper thing ever since the half term started. I knew deep down that the half term will mess everything up. Every time I eat sometime, I feel guilty but I eat it anyway and then I will over eat.

What I have been craving/loving to eat recently is toast with garlic rubbed on it, margarine and a thin slice of cheddar cheese. It tastes delicious. I know I should only have about 1 slice, but I can eat up to four. Some people may ask why I rub garlic on it. First of all it tastes great and secondly it helps with the heart. I have a heart condition and so I am naturally colder than everyone else, I get ill easily and I get out of breath really easily hence lacking the amount of exercises that I do.

Talking of getting ill easily, it’s been four days already and I have had a bad throat. It doesn’t hurt of anything, but I will cough and my voice has this really deep tone to it. My top lip has also been cracking and every time I go to talk, it literally pains me. Not to mention the dark circles underneath my eyes have gone deeper. That would mainly be due to the lack of sleep and water though.

Man, I have really got to get my life on track.

Hopefully I will be less busy now meaning I will be able to write diary entries more often and I will hopefully be able to start on this fan fiction that I have wanting to write for ages now. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, so I will tell you how that goes. For now though, I need sleep.

The best way to see what tomorrow brings is to sleep through the night.

- J.K. Panesar



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