Silently Spoken

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn. - Anne Frank


15. Monday June 8th 2015

After the bad always comes the good.

Praise the Lord I have internet again. Just a heads up I may not have the internet on some days because the electric is off due to the new kitchen and bathroom fittings. I may be on and off for about two weeks. Let’s get back to this entry. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. There were bad things and good, life at its finest. So first let’s start from the beginning.

I had an argument with a neighbour. It’s not really my fault though. Basically there is this neighbour where I live and he is a proper bastard (excuse my language). He just won’t leave me and my family alone. Every time we would go out and play he would stare and watch and swear under his breath. He would spread rumours about my mum and he is always watching and swearing at us and urgh! Me and my sister were riding our bikes and we decided to go in. Just then he decided to play rubbish music on his crappy phone out loud and stare at us. I stared back and that’s when I cracked.

I demanded that he stopped doing his rubbish and cruel acts. I put my foot down and said he should stop staring at us. His reply, “Cover your eyes then.” What a complete and utter bastard. He is about 50 something years old and he wants to argue with a 17 year old and creep off my little sisters. My blooming foot he is not. This has been going on for about a year, the police have got involved the housing people got involved, but they did jack all! They just categorised it as antisocial behaviour left us with a blooming number and left. If they weren’t going to do anything, I was. I had enough.

The results? Well he has stopped starring for now. And he has taken that of us out of his window so that it can’t be seen. He doesn’t come out when me and my sisters are playing. He still is irritating and mumbles under his breath around us though, but a talking from my mum will sort is bloody ass down. Blooming twat. I hate people like him. He can’t see or tolerate others being happy for once. I'm sorry for my language, I have tried my best not to use other swear words which may be worse, but I can’t fully express myself in decent words when it comes to describing him.

Moving on swiftly. Aside from that massive argument, it was my friend’s birthday on the 5th . Her name is Sherrie and she turned 19. This is her last year at the college and that means her last birthday with us. She planned to go to the cinema and watch spy, but our other two friends cancelled so it was only me and her. She was like nearly an hour late, so we decided to go and watch the only other movie available: Insidious 3.

Now I'm not much of a horror person and this movie was categorised as strong horror. Like I think I shat myself before I sat down in the cinema. I got the overall plot of the movie, which is pretty good considering I was hiding under my jacket half the time. It was really good (considering it was a horror) and after I got out of the cinema I could still senses it at the back of my mind. It was better than Annabel though. That got movie cost me 3 sleepless nights and I still can’t look at a doll the same way. The ‘this film is based off a true story’ bit gets to me, like what kind of blooming stuff is happening in the world today. Insidious 3 just cost me one sleepless night, which is okay. At the end of the day I'm glad that Sherrie enjoyed herself on the day of her birthday.

I also changed instructors, like I mentioned before. This time it’s a male instructor and he is well funny and down to earth. I feel more comfortable driving with him because he lets me actually drive without controlling the wheel of the pedals like my old instructor used to do. He knows how to have a laugh and teacher you without even knowing that he is teaching you. Like he would randomly ask you a question, create some chit chat and it just feels good to have my confidence back when driving. I should have gone with this company from the start.

Alongside all that I’ve been practising a little more of my theory for my test, got ready for college. Oh and today I got to wear my white lace shoes because the weather was okay and sunny. They were like a tenner from Tesco, but they still look adorable and I'm hoping to wear them again if the weathers like. Everyone knows what British weather can be like.

Today I didn’t have that much of college. It was basically just neatening our FMP work and filling in any missing planning sheets. I also got my picture taken for my plaque at the exhibition. Yes! The exhibition will go live on Thursday for private viewings and then in the late weeks of June for the public viewings. Because of the entire exhibition set up I have no idea what my timetable is going to be like. I have to go in tomorrow at 9am, but I may finish early. Like today I only had an hour on college and finished at 10am.

Now you must be thinking that I have got all the time in the world. No. The kitchen and bathroom people came in early this morning and took everything apart. So basically we don’t have a kitchen or a bathroom for the moment. We moved all food and kitchen stuff in the front room, and all the toilet stuff in the down stairs toilet. But the internet is going to be odd tomorrow because the electricity is going to be disabled. So I have to charge everything tonight and hope it lasts me through the day tomorrow. I'm sure it will.

The best way to see what tomorrow brings is to sleep through the night.

- J.K. Panesar

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