Silently Spoken

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn. - Anne Frank


21. Monday July 20th 2015

If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

I finally got the internet on the 17th and ever since have been busy catching up with a ton of stuff. That included my summer project, Movellas and Youtube. Not forgetting whatsapp; the amount of messages I had waiting for me as soon as I connected was unbelievable. I must say, it does feel good to be connected to the world again.

That’s not the only good news though. Guess what? I finally joined a gym at that too with a fitness buddy. Last week I was speaking to my friend Minnie about joining a gym and she told me she has joined one in town not too long ago. So I took the opportunity to say if she could come with me and I could enrol at the same gym. She said yes and I was over the moon, but that came tumbling back down on me when she cancelled last minute. So we arranged it for Thursday. However, I didn’t wait that Thursday came around and I got up and went to the gym myself and asked how I could join and did it!

Thursday finally came around and I met up with her at her house and we caught the bus to town. Since I already had my membership we could go straight in a workout! Believe me I was excited and I'm still excited even talking about it. I didn’t know anything about the gym, or how to use some of the equipment. I was lucky she knew a fair amount. All together we spent two to three hours at the gym going on all the machines and by the end of it I felt so good. In my opinion it was fun. My body did feel sore the day after, but it was the good kind and I wanted to go back. So I let myself rest for one day and then I went to the gym all by myself. It wasn’t as fun, but it still felt good to be working up a sweat. My plan is to get up very early in the morning, catch the bus to town and go work out like mad at the gym. Soon enough I will get the figure that I desired.

I know that along with keeping fit I have to eat right, that hasn’t been going too well, but I am determined to get that back on track. Soon I’ll be a gym freak and be eating well too. However I am proud of what I have achieved so far. My goal is to drop a couple of sizes before I go back to college, so by September. I was meant to wake up early today and go to the gym, but I was too knackered and I nodded off to sleep again. I guess it was because I woke up late. So I better get off to bed now, in hopes that I will be able to wake up early tomorrow before everyone else wakes up.

The holidays have started for my sisters, so the house is always crazy. They never stop arguing and Gem makes the most mess and doesn’t clean up after herself. Mum gets stressed about it all and things just don’t go well. I'm hoping all goes well with trips out during the holidays. On Wednesday we’ll be going to a theme park, so that should be fun. I haven’t been to this one before. The coach journey is two hours and I'm fifty-fifty about it. On one hand there will be so many kids which equal so many annoying noises. On the other hand I can just sit and look out of the window (that’s if I can get a window seat). We’ll see how it turns out.

The best way to see what tomorrow brings is to sleep through the night.

- J.K. Panesar

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