Dear Monday

The first entry is set in 2014 due to that's when I actually started writing my diary (which I began to transfer onto here when the competition started) and so didn't want to change the official dates due to the competition.

for the diary writing competition


3. 16th October 2014 - Elle

Dear Diary,

She's here, she's been birthed. A little baby girl. MY NIECE! She's so small and beautiful and I love her so much.

It's weird, yesterday was a normal day, there was an idea of a child and I wondered how I'd feel once she was born, but now she is my entire world. I don't remember how I felt before because it feels like I've always loved this child.

I can't express to you what she means to me, so much love comes from me, and her mother and father who's eyes were transfixed on her tiny little face less than an hour after she was born. Life is going to be so different now, there's a child that is a huge part of my life, she's going to grow up to be here own person, she's going to have a life, have a voice a personality, likes and dislikes. I

'm immensely lucky to be able to have her in my life, and be able to witness her growing up. She'll have hopes and dreams one day. Dream jobs and dreams about travelling. And i might affect her aspirations, I'll have some impact on this little girls life. I can't wait for her to grow up so I can meet her properly. Like be able to have a conversation with her and she what she's like, what kind of person she is. 

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