Dear Monday

The first entry is set in 2014 due to that's when I actually started writing my diary (which I began to transfer onto here when the competition started) and so didn't want to change the official dates due to the competition.

for the diary writing competition


2. 13th October 2014 - Elle

Dear Monday,


So today it is actually Monday and with you, you have brought about new life. Right now I am coming to grips with the fact that before the week is up, I will be an auntie. 

You see my sister is currently 8 months pregnant and her due date is on the 9th of November. However due to complications and my sister being in hospital on bed rest for the past three weeks, she is set to be induced tomorrow! SO THAT MEANS I'LL BE AN AUNTIE SOON!!!!!!!!

With this it has made me think about the type of auntie I'll be. This child will look up to me, she might view me as a role model, I might influence her life choices in some ways.

I'm the one who is supposed to talk to them about boys, who tells them all the things about relationships that nobody tells you. I'm the one who makes the wrong decisions so she doesn't have to. The one she'll take advice off on what to wear on a first date.

I hope I do a good job at being her auntie (her favourite auntie I might say) I'm nervous to meet her but I'm excited for the life I can share with her.

I just hope I'm ready. 


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