1. day 1 (7th may)

aaaahh school, school, school that is pretty much all my life is about right know well that work and Paaaarties!!, i'm going through exams this month and next month.


today is no special day, up early math exam for 3 hours, damm that was hard, i suck at math and science stuff.

well after my exams i just went home, i was home about 13:00 o'clock (the only good thing about exams) and well just relaxed before heading for work.

work was weird, because at my work it was irish night, (i work at 2 restaurant) and i'm half irish, så a lot came and keep on asking if i could say something on irish.

my boss also found out that i play guitar og went in to the musicians and said it, and they then asked if i wanted ti join 

weird, weird, weird!! 

i know you guys properly just thing i'm another girl whom's biggest problem is what i should wear in the morning, well i'm not, i'm not the popular type of girl, i spent the most of my day af social medias and stalking 5 seconds of summer, i know not a big problem, but that is just one of my problems, aaaarh all the problems i have damm some of you wouldn't know but some of you will.

so a hole year you need to suffer from my life stories, well good luck out there, i'm officially out there.

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