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8. sleepover! Yay

Savannah pov

Ok it's after school and we gonna sleep over at jasmine and Jocelyn's house. Kayla met me at my place and we went to there house 2gether.

Me: omg Kay Kay I can't wait for this sleepover it's going to be lit!

Kayla: ik its gonna be so much fun.

I brought makeup nail polish and hair stuff so we can look better than we usually do so when we see the boys we look good.

Me: girl u r a GENIUS!

Kayla: ik I am.

Me: bitch don't get fucked up today.

Kayla: -baby voice- srry mama 😢😜

Me: girl u stoopid.

Kayla: no I not

Me: what's 9+10? 😏😏

Kayla: 21!

Me: no it's not its 19 see I told u, u stupid.

Kayla: T_T -blinks- oh we here.

Me: damn that was quick.

I ran the door bell and I heard footsteps loud footsteps and jasmine opened the door.


We was clapping and cheering for the sleepover.

Jasmine: so... what we gonna do to first?

Me: well first we gonna take a nice hot shower so we smell good

Then we gonna do each other's hair then nails and then we gonna eat and watch movies.

Jasmine & kayla: ok cool

Jasmine: ok then, come in.

We were waking in her house when my phone rang.

Jasmine: really UR ringtone is flawless(remix)?.

Me: srry it's not my fault it's a good song.

I was bopping my head to the music bout 2 start dancing when Kayla yelled.

Kayla: 4 my sake, answer the God damn phone!!

Me: calm ur self, u don't have to be so fucking rude.

I answered the phone and my ex( key word, EX!!) boyfriend was on the other line.

Jason: hey baby I miss u when u coming back?

Me: nigga I ain't coming back 2 ur srry ass! U cheated on me wit that slut Bianca!!

Jason: but baby that was a mistake-(gco)

Me: no it wasn't a mistake, I heard that bitch talking bout u and how u guys r together. I also heard say that u and her had sex while u were wit me, so she might be carrying UR CHILD!!! WHAT KIND OF A BF DOES THAT!!!

U know what I'm done wit ur ass WE done! Don't call or txt me EVER AGAIN AND DELETE MY NUMBER AND IF U DONT IMMA GET A NEW # SO DONT EVEN TRY 2 TXT OR CALL ME!!!

I hung up on his ass, and the girls looked at me like I was crazy.

Jasmine and Kayla: da fuq, bitch is u ok?

Me: yea I'm fine just that dumbass Jason be calling me everyday trying to get me back.

Kayla: will u go back wit him?

Me: HELL 2 THE FUCKING NO! I don't need his ugly ass.

Jasmine: ok then, now that that's out of the way... lets get this party started!!

The girls: YASS! 👏👏👏

In jasmines room

No ones pov:

Jasmine: so wat we gone do first?

Jocelyn: take a shower first then do hair then do nails.and when we done, we can just watch a movie. Then when we done wit the movie and we go to bed we lay out our outfits 4 2morrow.

Kayla: good idea Jo

Jocelyn: ik I'm full of them. -brushes shoulder-

Jasmine: -whispers loudly- she really ain't.

Jocelyn: I heard dat!

Jasmine: we know that was meant 4 u 2 hear.

E/b except Jocelyn: -lml ( a/n: that means laughing mad loud if yall don't know that)

Kayla: ok -claps hands- let's get started!

(A/n: I'm skipping all that cause I'm tired. Srry yall)

Kayla: ok we done wit ALL THAT so all we gotta do is lay out our outfits.

They laid out their clothes 4 2morrow and they got ready 4 bed.

Jasmine: night girls. We need a good night sleep so we don't look like old ppl when we go and see mb 2morrow.

E/b: night.

~~~Did yall like it? I hoped that u liked it cause I stayed up ALL night last night 2 finish this chapter and srry 4 the typos.~~~

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