Love me like i do


6. Me and my girls

Jasmine pov

"OMFG today is Monday!!!!!! I'm not that excited cause I gotta go 2 school but I get 2 see my bff's in the whole entire world!!! Yass bitches! My bff's r Yasmin (my sis) savannah and Kayla. Our b-days are on the same day I'm the oldest out of the 4 of us. Yasmine and I's b-day is the same day,

same year, and I was born at 11:45 am and yas was born at 11:46 am ( ironic ain't it?).

Well anyway, I was in the middle of my dream bout my fav boy group... Wait 4 it... MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!! But my stupid alarm clock woke me up. Grr... Fuck dis shit."

"Slow motion" by trey songz came on and as soon as I heard it, I jumped out of bed and started dancing and singing.

"Ooh this my shit right here" I started dancing and singing.

Every body says I can sing and I can, Yasmin can also sing and Kayla and savannah. ALOT of ppl say that we sing better than Beyoncé and they say that I can rap just like my mom. my mom's trying 2 get us a record deal wit their record deal so I can be the rapper of the group and the 4 of us can sing.

" I know u got all dressed up 4 the club waiting on them to come pick u up. Baby, when I saw ya walking out the door, I just knew u needed something more. now whip it straight back 2 the crib, eh Finna give u something u won't 4 get. baby, -clapping to the beat- I just wanna get u out them clothes I just wanna see u dance in... Slow motion."

" Ok enough of dat, trey I luv ya but I gotta go."

I was getting dressed when I smelled something really good.

"It smells like eggs grits bacon and... *sniffs the air* sausage!!"

"Ooh I almost forgot bout this." I checked myself in the mirror. I was wearing pink booty shorts, a black crop top that said "bitch" in gold letters, my Jordan's. My necklace said "boss" in gold letters I was wearing big hoops and a double finger ring that said "niggas". " Ooh I'm looking sexy today, damn my ass big big *gasps* hol up lemme take a selfie. I took a selfie of me doing duck face and when I was done I posted it on twitter. @Sexy_Girl: Good morning 2 all yall that I follow and that follow me! I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and I'm looking SEXY 2day! As soon as i posted it, I got 10k likes. There were some mean ones but most of them were nice comments and one of them was from Ray Ray from mb!

" Omfg Ray Ray just liked my selfie!" @Ray twice_if u nasty: u too sexy to not have that many likes. I was admiring myself in my mirror when my mom called me.

"Jasmine come down here b4 ur sis eats ur foods u know how greedy she can be!" Ok I'm coming mom!

Me: hey mom ur song "truffle butter" is on!

While I was walking my shit came on by nicki minaj and drake and lil Wayne. That's right nicki Minaj and drake R my parents and lil Wayne is my uncle so is tyga and trey songz . Yall bitches jealous or nah. 😏😏😏

I was jogging down the stairs when my sis came running behind me. when she was next to me, she pushed me out the way.


Sis: or else what?

Me: well, I did get tickets to a meet and greet starring mindless behavior but I don't have to take u I can take the others...

Sis: OH HELL NAW U TAKIN ME TO SEE THEM BOYS!!! Plz plz plzzzzzzzzzz!

Me: ok fine and we gotta get going 4 school. I can't wait to see their faces when I tell them.

Sis: ikr!

🏫at school🏫

Me: hey guys! We missed u!

Savannah: ik we missed yall crazy asses as well.

Me: we have something 2 tell yall.

Kayla: what is it?


The girls: AHHHHHHH!!!

K: when is it?

Sis: 2morrow

S: yass! I can't wait 2 see my boo thang roc!

Me: ik it's like Ray Ray gets sexier and sexier every fucking day! Whoo!

K: but look at prodigy omfg!

Sis: princeton is the sexy one.

The girls except yasmin: yea w.e nigga!

Me: ok let's get this over wit. Oh and yall gonna sleep over at our house so we can plan out outfits

The girls: ok

End of school

(A/n: sooooo how is it so far. I hope u guys like it cause it's my first one and I might need some characters l8ter on in the book)

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