Sisters to Toddy


1. Chapter 1

Taylen's P.O.V

"1.... 2.... 3... ready or not here I come!" i screamed. I was playing hide-n-seek with some of the little kids at the center. I was walking down the hall until i heard a squeal come from behind the door beside me. I was getting ready to open the when I heard a scream and crash come from downstairs. I ran downstairs to where the noise was and grabbed an umbrella in case it was a psycho person. I slowly walked into the kitchen and stopped in my tracks shocked at what I saw. My little sister Leah was on the floor covered in pots, bowls and noodles. One part of me was trying to be a loving sister but the other part wanted me to fall on the floor laughing at how clumsy she is, but the laughing part of me came out and I couldn't stop. "Taylen when your finished laughing do you think you could be a decent sister and HELP ME PLEASE?" Leah asked me struggling under the pots and bowls. Once I calmed down from laughter I helped Leah up. "what where you doing and how did you fall?" I asked her, normally I wouldn't ask her what happened but today I felt like being generous and listening to how she managed to do that. "Well you see, what had happened was," Leah started. "I was watching TV when Mrs. Courtney told me to make something for us to eat because we were having people come over to adopted people. So I was looking for the bowls and noticed that they were on the top shelf. I climbed on the counter and was reaching for the bowls and then slipped off and fell." Mrs. Courtney is the head of the adoption center that my sister and I live in. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Taylen, but I'm pretty sure you already know that. I'm sixteen and I have a little sister, that's Leah (pronounced Layah). I have caramel skin and dark brown wavy hair with red ends that stops mid-back. Me and my sister have been in the adoption center since we were 5 and 3 years old. Our parents died on a plane ride back from their vacation and we were sent here after we heard the news. Leah wasn't really affected by it because she didn't really know our parents but it hurt me a lot. I was really close with our parents and when they said that they died I locked myself in the room for 3 months. The only people that I would take to were Mrs. Courtney and little Leah. But now that I'm older I've started to let go of the pain and gotten to know the younger kids that lived here. So since we got that out of the way let's go back to the more serious situation which is why would Mrs. Courtney trust Leah to make noodles by herself. After I helped Leah clean up the bowls and noodles I told her to go upstairs and play with the younger ones while I'll make the noodles. I went into the kitchen and got one of the pots that Mrs. Courtney bought me. I was getting ready to place the pot on the stove when the doorbell rang. I placed the pot on the stove and made my way towards the door. "Taylen sweetheart can you take Chichi outside to let her use the bathroom?" asked Mrs. Courtney. "Yeah sure, no problem." I told her. At first I was debating on asking her who was at the door but then again what's the worse that could happen. "Oh, and are you expecting anyone today?" Mrs. Courtney turned around and looked at me before she opened the door. She had a big grin on her face and her eyes were sparkling with joy. "This could be you and Leah's lucky day Taylen. I was online and there's a guy that wants to adopted a couple of teenage girls isn't that wonderful?" She told me, her voice filled with excitement. "Uh yeah I guess, I will be outside with Chichi." I told her and hurriedly ran towards the door while scooping up the chihuahua on the way out. Once I was outside I lightly placed Chichi on the grass and watched as she ran off towards the doggie playground. "Why me?? Why Leah?? Why us?? Out of all the kids in the center why does she think it could be our lucky day? I mean I'm happy that she has hope for us but I mean c'mon lets face reality. The chances of anyone adopting two teenage girls are very slim to none."  I thought,went over to the bench that was by the house and sat down for a little while. Chichi came over and sat down by my feet and looked up at me. I decided, after sitting on the bench for what felt like an hour, to go back inside. I opened the slide door and Chichi ran in almost knocking down a guy with mickey ears on his hat. "OMG I am soo sorry!!" I apologized, way to make a good first impression Tay, I thought. " I should've checked inside to make sure no one was by the door before I opened again I am really sorry!!" The guy looked at me and smiled. Man his teeth were really really REALLY white. " It's fine I have three dogs that do the same to me when i'm home don't sweat it." He told me. He seemed like a really nice guy, too bad me and LeLe wont get adopted by him. Mrs. Courtney came in and told me to go ahead upstairs and hang out with the little kids. I told ok and went upstairs after saying bye to that guy. He nodded his head and started talking to Mrs. Courtney. I started walking upstairs when I heard words I never thought I would hear in my life. I would like to adopt teenage girls from the ages between 13-16. 

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