Change of Heart

A young girl who barely speaks, speaks her mind when challenged by a classmate.


1. Hope


Nicky Sanders was always the person who would sit in the back of the classroom, and never raised her hand for anything. It wasn’t like she didn’t know the answers; she just was too shy to say anything. That being said, being in the back of the classroom made her seem like she was in her own world. She never understood why guys would judge girls who looked, talked, and/or acted differently than the girls regular guys are into.


She didn’t do any of those things except act differently. But that’s not her fault. She grew up knowing nothing about the outside world. She was homeschooled most of her life, and had no siblings. So she didn’t know much about people except her parents. All she knew was that there are many types of people, and some are dangerous and unkind.


Her life didn’t change until her parents decided to take her to a regular school. They thought that she needed a taste of the real world. They also thought that she needed to go out and make friends, since she’s been so isolated from the outside world for such a long time. But what they didn’t know was that she liked it that way. She liked not having to go outside and hang out with her friends, when she could stay home and read the thousands of books that sat in her bookcase. But at the same time, she didn’t have any friends to hang out with in the first place.


Now, it’s too late to change anyone’s mind. Both of her parents have well paying jobs that keep them busy during the day. School wasn’t an option for her, but she does what her parents please, out of respect for them. She always tends to do what she’s told, even if she believes it’s wrong.


At school, she had no friends and no one to talk to, but her own well being. It didn’t bother her that no one wanted to talk to her. It just proved her theories right. People would only be friends with people who try to talk to them. When people try to talk to her, she would ignore them and pretend that they don’t exist.


At least, she hoped she was right. It seemed like no one had the audacity to talk to her, up until Jared Smith came along. He was the exact opposite of her. He would judge every person who weren’t his friends. Making them seem as if they are the outsiders, when in reality he was. He’s the one who felt like he should do something about the people who looked or acted differently. Nothing was wrong with society until he started looking at it in his point of view. He always thought if people didn’t seem fun to hang out with or insignificant. He would just ignore them like a piece of crumpled up paper. If only he would change his view of the world. And that’s where Nicky comes in.


“Hey, Nicky Shyberg”


Nicky glanced up for a quick second, and then started to scribble on her paper again.


“Nicky I have to ask you something”


Nicky nodded her head, and placed her pencil beneath her hand. So when he is done talking, she would be able to go back to work.


“Why you so quiet all the time? Do you think people have cooties?”


Nicky scrunched her eyebrows together. She thought to herself why she didn’t talk to people. It seemed like they wanted to talk to her, but she just ignores them. She smiled, and opened her mouth.


“Because I don’t need to, I guess”


“Why do you think that? I mean, you seem like a nice person. But I wouldn’t know that unless you talked to me. Do you get why you need to talk to people now?”


“I-I guess”




“So what do I talk about then?”


He started to smile.


“Anything you want”


At first, she didn’t know what to say at first, but then it came to her as quickly as it was spoken. She rambled on and on about her life. He seemed interested, but he was waiting for the perfect moment to humiliate her in front of the whole class. And then she started talking about her crush. Jared stood up, stopping Nicky from her speech, and shouted the most disrespectful and most humiliating thing in the whole entire world.



“Little Nicky Sanders has a crush on Kendall White”


Nicky’s face turned the palest of the whites. She never thought that this day would come. Her reputation was debased. And it was all Jared’s fault. It’s initially her fault, because originally she was taciturn around her peers. And he convinced her to open up. He made this poor girl exploit her inner thoughts for his own games. It seemed unfair because he seemed to harm the ones that hadn’t done a thing to him, the ones who were different.


Now, she really has no choice but to ignore her peers for real. She won’t have troubles with that.




Nicky stood up, tears gathering in her eyes. She prevented them from falling before she really was embarrassed in front of her peers, in front of her crush.


“Aw she thinks she’s all that since she revealed her whole life to her.


The whole class started to laugh at her. It made her want to cry real badly, but she wasn’t ready. She wanted to confess something she had built up, deep in her self.


“You’re just a jerk who enjoys the embarrassment and humiliation of those who are different to you. The only reason you did this was because I’m one of those people. I may be quiet, and I may not want to talk. But it doesn’t mean I’m not like you. I’m a human being on this Earth, and so are you. We all are. We may look different and talk different but it doesn’t mean we aren’t made of one whole. We all were created by God. He knew that we were all different. And he knew that not one of us are alike. So why should I be embarrassed for something that has nothing to do with me?”

Jared’s friends started to fumble in their seats, while the rest of the class started to scream and shout.

“Well at least I talk unlike the girl who has a crush on Kendall”

“And what if I do have a crush on him? It’s my feelings right, so why should you put your own input in it?”

Jared face grew redder and redder as he finally took notice of what she did. He was so mad, he wanted to shout. But he didn’t want to get into more trouble.

“You brat”


“How long did it take you to make that up?”


Jared glared at Nicky as she went back to sit in her seat, when the teacher finally took notice of what was happening.


“Settle down class. Mr. Smith, why are you standing up and not doing your work?”


Mr. Hines pushed his glasses higher up on the bridge of his nose. Jared sat back down, placing his head onto his desk. He started to wonder what got Nicky to talk to him like that.


It seems that Nicky won this round. How many rounds will she have to endure before he starts to take notice of what he is doing wrong? It might take a dozen before he will be able to see the similarities of these so called, “Different people”. And that is a time she can’t wait to come. For this might change everything between them.



                      *                                     *                                 *


Several days passed. No one took Jared seriously. He was a joke to the student body. Every person he bullied stood up to him. None of Jared’s friends were around when he was being laughed. He didn’t know what to do. Nicky had more friends than ever. Though, she felt a little sad for him. She didn’t mean to ruin his reputation like that. But she did have to do the right thing, and that was to protect the innocent. And he just happened to be harming them. Now, he was the one being harmed. And now she wants to help him.


Right after class, she walked up to him and gave him a hug. It wasn’t just for stopping the chaos. It was also for the fact he helped her out of her shell. Nicky pulled away, and smiled big. Everyone around her gasped out loud. They were surprised that she was hugging Jared after what he tried to do to her. But what they don’t understand is the fact she is a forgiving person. And that everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves. She believed that he would even though he did those horrible things to those wonderful and special people.


“What was that for?”




“Why? You know of all people that I did bad things to those who didn’t deserve it”


“I know. But I know that you would apologize afterwards if this was to happen, because everyone deserves second chances”


“I deserve another chance?”


“Yes. Everyone deserves one. And I believe that you do. I also believe that after this we can be friends. And I hope that you feel the same way”


Jared scrunches his eyebrows. He didn’t that after this that they would be friends. He actually liked the idea of being friends with her.


“I guess we can”


“Good, now here we are. We are now friends and companions for life. And I know for now on you will do the right thing. Right?”


“Well…I’m just kidding. I promise to never harm another soul unless they did anything to harm you, physically.”


“Shake hands on it”


They shake hands on the deal. Nicky knew he wouldn’t harm anyone unless he had to. And that’s a change she can learn to love. A change of heart was what the both of them needed to learn their true selves. They needed each other.


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