2. 7/5/2015

Today is no different to the last apart from one lovely thing. I'm still friends with some of the people who had left with B and Er. That's always a good sign.

Unfortunately L went and stuck her foot in it at lunch time today. B, Er and their new 'crew' had moved up right next to us at our table, (we got there first today!), and it was really bugging us. To be honest that's probably something they wanted to do. L wasn't eating again and H, El, J and I were trying to make her eat the rest of her baguette. El said "Your turning into Er" to which L retorts "I'm not a lesbian like Er". When Er sat with us she never ate, EVER, and I mean ever. She didn't have breakfast, break, lunch and I'm not sure about dinner. Now that L isn't eating as much we've started saying she's turning into Er to break her out of her fast but it wasn't working. Keep in mind that Er was sitting practically on top of J and B practically on top of L, so when L made this outburst both heard. Er immediately replied "I'm not gay L" which started an argument between those two. The rest of us stayed quiet not wanting to cause a fuss. The whole year group knows about of tiff anyway.

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