1. 5&6/5/2015

Today was hectic. 

I'm lying here in my bed and wondering if I should even care about some of my so-called "friends" any more. Last week things were starting to go down but yesterday and today everything blew up. H and I went to get Er for school in the morning, we hated doing it but our mums made us. This particular morning Er was running late, as if she wasn't always running late! We were sitting in the lounge and when we heard her coming down the stairs we rolled our eyes and looked to the door. She stormed in with a furious glare in her eyes, shoved her shoes on, turned on her heels, flung the front door open and stormed off to school. H, El, J, L and I met up the day before and had put some stupid photos on Snapchat so we guessed we must of triggered something. She stormed off on the Tuesday morning. At break and lunch her and B stole our table. We were so angry.

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