Defeating The Canadians

Megan Colt, Jocelyn Parker, Jonathan Nicholson, Faith Nelson, and Gavin Reagan race against the clock to try and stop the Canadian spies from taking over the USA.


3. The Explanation

Gavin's POV

"What happened to you?" I ask.

She whipped around to face me, eye twitching, "Do you really want to know!?"

"Not really any more," Megan responded, "Besides, I kinda already explained what happened without knowing."

"What?" Faith asked, puzzled.

Jocelyn stepped up to her, "So. Why were you late?"

Faith groaned, "I'll tell you after I eat, I'm starving."

Faith reached for the bag, but then Jocelyn scooped it up, away from Faith.

"NO SNACKS FOR YOU!" Jocelyn screamed.

We all jump. 

"Why?" she asked.

"Because you were late."

"So what? Gavin and Jonathan were late too." Faith countered.

"Well we had to-wait. How did you know that?" Jonathan said.

Faith shrugged. "I figured."

"Why were you late!? You are supposed to be a leader! You need to be here for the meetings!" Jocelyn nagged.

"I got held up!" Faith responded defensively. 

"By what!?"



"Precisely! She always has to know EXACTLY WHERE I'M AT! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!"

"But still. Even with your mom holding you up you should have gotten here at least half-way through the meeting." Megan said gently.

"I know! But when I was running I tripped over a stupid stick! Then I had to hobble my way here, then it started to rain! Now, can I JUST HAVE A SNACK!?"

Jocelyn sighed, then reluctantly gave Faith a bag of Doritos. 

"YES!" Faith exclaimed.





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