Defeating The Canadians

Megan Colt, Jocelyn Parker, Jonathan Nicholson, Faith Nelson, and Gavin Reagan race against the clock to try and stop the Canadian spies from taking over the USA.


8. Plans

Jocelyn's POV

I looked at Faith and we stood. 

"So a-" I started but got cut off by Jimmy.

"As you know we're here so we don't die when we go to the Canadians."

I turned and glared at him but he just gave me a cheeky smile.

"Right so w-" Faith said only to get cut off by Paul.

"We need to know each other plans so, as Jimmy said, we don't die."

I threw my arms in the air and left the room. Walking outside, I sat down beside a tree and covered my face with my hands. Then I heard someone walk up next to me.

"They are so full of themselves!!" I heard Faith say as she sat down next to me.

"I agree," I said, uncovering my face and turning towards her slightly.

"We should go back in," Faith said.

I shook my head and said," No, I'm going to practice with my Bow Staff, but you go."

"Okay," She said, then stood up, brushed off her pants, and walked back in.

I walked in without being noticed and grabbed my Bow Staff, then I walked back out.

I swung my Bow Staff at a tree, a bush, and anything else that my eyes landed on.

"Hey," I heard a male voice say from behind me.

I turned and swung Staff at the person, hitting them in the side.

"Ouch!!" They said.

I looked down and saw Jimmy on the ground. I chuckled and rolled my eyes at him.

"This is usually the part where you say sorry and help me up!!" He said, holding his side in pain.

"No!! you deserved it!!" I said, with a tone of annoyance in my voice.

"What's your problem?" He asked, obviously not having enough strength to get back up yet.

I looked at him with an angered expression.


Megan's POV

Since Jocelyn went outside I had to run the meeting with Faith.

"So, back to the meeting. And nobody better interrupt us this time," Faith said glaring at Paul. Paul held up his hands defensively and scooted away.

"Our plan," I started, "is to sneak across the border. Then we get into their central headquarters. Then Gavin and Jonny here," I said as I pointed to Gavin and Jonathan, "will get their spy files and figure out who their top spy is."

"Then we take down the top spy and put them in a high security prison," Faith ended.

"Wow," Brady said. "Our plan wasn't half as good."

Then Kali and Jordan punched him in the arm.

"What? Ouch!"

"Guys stop punching him!" I yelled. "We do not punch each other. It isn't nice."

Kali and Jordan stopped punching him and gave me an evil glare.

"Thanks," Brady mumbled, obviously embarrassed.

"Anytime. Now where did that Jocelyn-girl of ours go?" I asked. Then we heard a thump and someone yell, "Ouch!"

Me and Faith ran to the door, me getting there first. Everyone else followed behind. As I got outside and stood up, I noticed Jimmy on the ground clutching his side and Jocelyn standing above him with her bowstaff, and a slight smirk on her face.

I busted out laughing.

Everyone else got outside, wondering why I was laughing. When they noticed Jimmy on the ground, all of them joined me in laughing at him except for Paul, who ran up to see if he was okay.

I stopped laughing, realizing it was getting hard to breathe. I started to inhale and exhale quickly, and the people from the other group stopped laughing and got EXTREMELY concerned looks on their faces. They ran over to me, abandoning Jimmy (Who was still on the ground), and started to fuss.

Jocelyn walked over calmly. "She's fine guys, just get away from her."

Everyone walked away and it got easier to breathe. I hate when that happens.

I started to laugh again after I caught a glimpse of Jimmy, and managed to squeeze out, "What. Happened. To. You?"

Jimmy groaned and rolled onto his back. "Your friend here hit me with her bow staff."

I laughed one more time before finally pulling myself together.

"Whatever, get off your butt and come back in, we need to discuss the rest of the plan."

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