The Walls Have Eyes (Diary)

This is a very, very bad idea


4. May 8th, 2015


Excerpt from a conversation on Movellas: is not like a game of poker. We don't rely on luck, the opponents don't have a bent accusation to keep us playing, or bluff to us. Life is more like Solitaire, where we decide where each cards goes, and the other cards fall into place for us.”

~ (for now, or until I get his/her permission, I'm keeping the user anonymous)


Actually, it is. When a conflict presents itself, I'm given a hand and there are only opportune moments to play it right. Otherwise I have to fold out. Often as not, there are two or three groups of opponents telling you a number of different things and you have to judge which is and is not the bluff. 

And they keep you playing “until the house collects”.

Like, right now, Torbaf played the "divorce" card and Hathon played the "suicide" card. A lot of people are meaning to play the "report Torbaf to the authorities" card, but some are saying that that might lead to the authorities playing the "separate the kids" card.


And my hand - If I play it, I report Torbaf. If I fold out, I don't.

One person told me to go for it, the other told me not to - almost simultaneously last night.

I'm not left to make all the decisions in my life, Fate and others are at play shaping my life as it progresses. In a few words, my life is simply: one crisis after another.

Solitaire is not the game my life is.

In poker, though, you can't sit and consult anyone.


What would you do?

Call or Fold?

Or leave the card-table completely?

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