The Walls Have Eyes (Diary)

This is a very, very bad idea


14. May 19th, 2015


I don't understand people that can sit in one place, look over an incident that they were actively a part of, and then dispel themselves of all blame.

I just don't understand them.

How can someone be that blind? How can someone sit there and justify everything they did was correct and point fingers at everyone else?

Who am I b*llsh*tting, right? This is what a lot of people do.

But I don't get it. If I'm to blame, I take the blame. It just blows things over much easier and smoother. Problem solved, case closed. I even take blame for others when they absolutely refuse to do it in certain instances, if it serves the same purpose.


I just sat through hour of Torbaf justifying everything he did over the last few months. He goes too far, slandering other people, making up baseless theories, and thinking the whole world is against him. The world is pretty f*cked-up, I agree, but it's not completely f*cked yet. That woman who walked into his house was not evil, okay? Frankly speaking, I don't think she was smart enough to be evil. And the more he says that “She has a problem with her head, that's why she attempted suicide” or “only evil people do that” - the more I think he needs some serious help. She wasn't the one who was making jokes about bleach, Torbaf. You were laughing it off before it was even over. F*ck's sake... You know, normal well-meaning people would have a shred of f*cking sympathy for the poor woman - but all you can f*cking do is b*tch about her!




I'm beginning to wonder if I should just call the social services over myself.

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