The Walls Have Eyes (Diary)

This is a very, very bad idea


13. May 17th, 2015


I found some of my earliest works of poetry and I thought I'd share it here. Because it's quite awful and sad. I'll add more to the diary entry later in the day.




No Place Like Home

Don't cry.

I saw what happened.

I'm sorry you saw it too.

But please don't cry.

   It's the last thing I need from you.


Your tears hurt me -

More than they will ever do -

So please stop those painful tears.

There's enough around here

   To forever haunt my fears.


I saw

What you saw.

I heard

What you heard.

I felt

What you felt.

   I bled

   What you bled.


He didn't hear me.

She didn't want to.

You wouldn't stop screaming -

   And that's the last thing I wanted from you.


You have to be strong, child;

Or you won't survive here.

You have to protect yourself;

   So you can fight your fears.


I saw what he did,

That's why I didn't interfere.

I heard what she said,

That's why nothing seemed clear.

I felt the weakness erupt in me,

That's why I cried.

I bled the pain no-one saw -

   That's why I lied.


I didn't want to come back home.

Then again, who would?

But I'd left one thing behind,

   And I had to get it. I should.


I left you,

So I went back -

To protect you,

To wipe your tears,

Because I love you,

I always have,

I always will,

I never want to let you go,

As though you were my own.

So don't cry.

   Because it hurts.




And that's it. I edited the punctuation because a while back, when I started writing poetry, I always thought that lines had to end with semi-colons if they didn't end with full-stops. So yeah.





There isn't much to say on today.

My keyboard has weirded-out... Let me fix it, one second...

And we're back! That's better. Anyway... Yeah, there isn't much to say about today. But, I did my bit, I've co-voiced in a few playthroughs that should be put up tomorrow on my brother's channel (if he doesn't forget). But yeah... Twenty years in real life, and three years on Movellas. In a few minutes as well xD. I had an idea to do like a history of Movellas - or my experience with it anyway - through the last three years using the Internet Archive. But, eh, I don't know. Maybe someone else will do it. Or maybe I'll do it next year. Or maybe I'll still do it, but late.




Honestly don't know what else to write. Um...

I've been half asleep all day, sort of, and the pain's returned to my shoulder. It, sort of, comes and goes. And my hair is greying. No joke, I let my sister brush my hair today, and she found grey hairs... Okay, not more than three, but still! That's weird. But it might become an excuse to use dye - which I've never actually done with my hair. I don't know.

Would I even find the time?

My writing has been suffering. Other than this journal, I haven't written or continued with anything - and when I do that, I tend to give up on projects. Plus, I'm getting an urge to revisit the next part of Rogues and Renegades - but I already have a number of projects to complete. I read somewhere (most likely, Wikipedia) that Leonardo da Vinci suffered from chronic procrastination (hence, why he couldn't finish a number of his paintings) - maybe I have the same problem?


Heh. Look at me. Comparing myself to Messer da Vinci!


In other news, I watched the plotline for Mortal Kombat 9 and - I'm sorry to say but - Sub-Zero is such an asshole! The first one, at least. I liked him in Mortal Kombat X, but he just sucks otherwise. Scorpion for the freaking win. He not only kicks some serious arse, but - I think - is also the most badass-looking fighter of the lot. And I feel so sorry for Raiden TT_TT. Freaking Lui Kang... So prefer Kung Lao (the hat guy).

Am I rambling? I'm rambling about jargon that very few of you would even understand.

There's one thing I think we can all understand, though, about Mortal Kombat - I am so glad that all the female characters have dropped a few cup sizes in the most recent version of the game. Because, in the earlier versions, I was never allowed to play the female characters - and it sucked, because some of them are awesome. But the boob physics and the impossible stability of the clothing was just ridiculous. Like... just how? Search up Jade, or Kitana, or Mileena, or even Sonya Blade in MK version 9 - questioning the boob-physics alone would be volumes of work.

I'm so glad they look a little bit more decent now.

I wanted to know more about Erron Black though. And the feuds between the ninja clans... There's probably merchandise outside the game that explains it all but there's no way I'm paying for all that. All the same, can't wait for the next game. It looks like Raiden will finally have a sinister side. And I know I already said I don't like sinister, but Raiden is one of those characters that's constantly trying to do the right thing in every whichway he can. He's also quite submissive to an extent, when it comes to the protection of his realm - he'll put the realm before his pride. But now... Now, he's interesting.

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