The Walls Have Eyes (Diary)

This is a very, very bad idea


7. May 11th, 2015


So, the social worker was a no-show. Sorry, if I tensed anyone up. We got a call yesterday and the day before telling us that someone from the social services would come around today, but apparently they were either too busy or someone's playing a very mean prank. It's a shame, I would have liked to speak with one. Actually, I think... I might have to explain that:


Basically, a few years ago, my mum and dad used to look after one of my cousins who has special needs. Amir has developmental delay, he can't talk and he has some eating disorders - so he needs extra-special attention and care. All this considered, my parents used to take Amir off my uncle and aunt's hands for a week every month. On a bi-monthly basis, a social worker (let's call her Sam O'Connell) would visit us to track Amir's progress and to see if we were fit to keep him for those short breaks.


Sam and my mum became very good friends in the process.


I wonder if Sam can help me now. I know I have her email address somewhere... But what would I say? It's not like I can outright gush on her about Torbaf - because... Because. But I guess I could fill her in on some things. I wonder if I have her number...? I'll see.

That's seems like something solid I can tread on.


Heh, what do you know?

I've found a playing card.

(My real concern, though, is whether I want to be playing this game).


Today wasn't as rough - though I've had a splitting headache throughout the morning and afternoon. I'm not sure, but I reckon it's because I didn't have any caffeine today. Eh. It won't last. I need to cut down, so I need to cut down. A few headaches is worth breaking a bad habit.


I didn't get any writing done today, except a little-tiny bit of Loved Ones - which is surprising because I was working on an Audio Recording, which I LOVE doing. (I'm not afraid to admit it, I love Vaas <3 Crushing on him so hard. And if that doesn't scare you about me, nothing will.)

I did complete one of my entries for the Happiest Competitions on Movellas, though I've yet to upload it as an entry. I'll have to find myself a full-sized computer for that. But it was an A4-size sketch of all the things that make me happy. But I don't think it went deep enough...


Furry's requested that I do a completely happy one-shot for my "Movellaversay" (thanks, John, for that one xD) so, I'll attempt that and see if I can make up for the lack of depth.




Also going to help Chris with a present for her mum - who happens to have her birthday on the same day as my Movellaversary.



Ooh, also, recently got tagged into a friend-bash on Movellas.


I didn't mean to make that sound exciting.

But I have to say, it's been a while since something like this has come up - people in real life attacking a user because of something they said or did on-site. The last time it happened (and don't mind me if I go on and on about this, it's a pretty sore subject for me) is because a user, let's call her Bridget, used the names of her classmates in an incriminating fashion and even made them false accounts. It was a huge argument at the time, happened about two years ago (?). It went back and forth, others got dragged into it, and it ended really drawn-out and messy.


All I'm saying is: when you get involved in an argument between two parties on this site - unless one of those parties is a nondescript troll - be cautious and learn both sides before getting stuck in and casting your judgement.

And if you're incapable of doing that: of keeping an open-mind and an open record to all sides of the story - I suggest you keep out of it. Because you don't - and I can say this for certain - you don't want to end up on the wrong side, realise it, play traitor and then go to the right side while your ex-comrade chases you around with as many tricks and slanders and complaints as they f*cking can just to get back at you.


(Yeah, me and Bridget - we hate each other's guts. Or at least - I hate hers. I am never, ever, for the life of me, for the death of me forgiving that insufferable, indignant, belligerent, lying tw*t-face. After everything, everything I did for that b*tch and after all the f*cking lies, she-- I'll spare you the rant. Chances are, you've probably heard it before.)


Yeah. I wanted to do a little inspirational bit about politics and religion today, but... Holy crap, it's 10:52! XD It's late. So I'm going to do something else for the moment and if I can't manage to get any sleep, then I might attempt it. Or just binge on Youtube. I don't know. You'll probably see it tomorrow.


'Night, for now :)

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