Tiny Ink Blots [Diary]

When there is a blot on paper, you cannot remove it until you wash it away. When you have some memories, you cannot forget them until your soul gives up. These are my blots of memories on a sheet of paper. This is my diary.


4. Nothing interesting is happenning

May 9, 2015                                                                                                                                                        3: 58 pm


Dear Creepy Person,

One thing you need to know about me: I hate maths. Yeah, that's right, I do. Well I am not a failure in maths but also I am not a topper. I am an average. So I have my Maths exam on Monday and I am trying my best to do very well this time but I know, like always, my attempt to do my best is futile. No matter how much I try to do well in Maths, numbers tend to scare me when the paper is kept in front of me. I have no idea why they are the nightmare of my dreams. It's like I know everything before I have to give a speech but then when I come on stage, I fumble up on a word and then tend to mess everything coming on the way. Well, I can just hope that this time, at least this time, I do well, and by well means above 16 (out of 20). (But I still feel it's impossible so m, argh!)

So yesterday my aunt and cousin came for a visit. My aunt landed in India yesterday and after so many months I am seeing her here. She's awesome. My cousin lives here because she has her college here but soon will be going out after she's done her college. Oh well, I met them after a long time I noticed one thing very clearly. No matter how long they have stayed out of the country soil they still know the smell of it. Nothing has changed, which is why I like them a lot. All my memories with them were recalled and to be honest most of the memories were beautiful and fun. I smile every time I recall the times I spent with them when they were in India. Now they are so far away and I didn't even realise how time slipped by just like that. It's hard to realise some things easily.

I also started to kind of learn Shakespearean English yesterday. I was very interested in doing some random stuff so I searched for Shakespearean English on internet and 'twas not mine cup of tea. Yeah, that's right. 

So today. Today my sister was criticising one utterly unacceptable book I love. I am going to call it The Yellow Light of Day on here. I am not going to use its real name because of its inappropriateness. So TYLOD is this book which really unacceptable because of the unacceptable content it has. I never liked that book until I found out that some other girl in my bus, Tarna, also read it.  She told me that its second part is amazing. So I had its second part here at home which was gifted by my sister's friends (as they just like everything to be funny since my sister never liked that book) and I secretly read it. And boy, it's amazing, yeah barring the inappropriate content. No one has ever read its second part that is why they don't know the real story of that series. I am telling you, you should never judge a book in series by just reading its first part. Seriously,  the first book was crap but the second book, it was adorable. But yeah some people would say that I am weird girl for reading it but they don't really know the story so I ignore them. My friend Tarna and I, we both talk about it and I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has read it. I am not going to tell anything else about TYLOD. My sister was criticising it today just because she read the first book and I was like: I don't care I have read the second book. But yeah, she still doesn't know that I have read both the the books. If she gets to know about that then I am a dead person. I am telling this to you creepo is because no one really knows the real person I am. And I don't really want them to know. 

Your Chimp,

Mercury Chap


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