Tiny Ink Blots [Diary]

When there is a blot on paper, you cannot remove it until you wash it away. When you have some memories, you cannot forget them until your soul gives up. These are my blots of memories on a sheet of paper. This is my diary.


10. Let me just confess it now.

May 23, 2015                                                                                                                                                  7:08 pm


Dear Creepy Person,

Okay, let's jut cut the crap. 

I like a guy but I am not sure (oh yes, I am sure he doesn't) if he likes me. You see, things always end up being opposite to what I think. Before our classes shuffled, I never thought he would be in my class and voila! What do you expect? Then I never thought I would have crush on someone especially from my school. And tada!!!


And after that? After that I thought (after I started to have feelings for him) we could be friends. Yeah, we are friends but not close. It's so rare that we talk. 

Well, he's on here on Movellas (yup) but I writing this here since I know that 1) He doesn't come here often, and 2) He won't be interested in reading my rants. 

Buuuut, I like him a lot. Like, A LOT. But I know there's nothing I could do. It's impossible that he would ever like me, it's completely impossible. Totally. 

And if I ever confront it to him (which is never) then everything we have (just even a little version of friendship) would just burn into ashes and could never come back to its previous state. The ash would turn into dust and soon the dust will be blown away by the wind forever, and would never return. I don't want our friendship to be a tray of ashes. I want it to be a strong unbreakable rock (sooo desperate). But everything's impossible. Just impossible. I guess I should just drown in a bowl full of water. That's what I deserve. That's my aukad. 

Kutta, Kamina. Kyu? Kyu? Kyuuuu? 

Sorry for the Hindi part. I am just vexed. That's all. 

Your Chimp,

Mercury Chap


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