Tiny Ink Blots [Diary]

When there is a blot on paper, you cannot remove it until you wash it away. When you have some memories, you cannot forget them until your soul gives up. These are my blots of memories on a sheet of paper. This is my diary.


3. About the day

May 8, 2015                                                                                                                                                        8:02 pm


Dear Creepy Person,

I am having another idea for a story (like always) and I have butterflies in my stomach for writing it! I am too excited! But you know what? I have no idea how to start it (again, like always). I don't want to start it because I am currently writing another story and I am doing the full role of the character. I am being extra negative these days (more than I normally am) just so that I can write the thoughts of the character in the exact way I want it to be. But no, before I have even finished writing the second chapter, I am having thoughts about writing another story! Urgh! It is too annoying when this happens. Now, it's like my mind would completely drop the idea of writing the story I am currently working on and would start thinking 24/7 about the new story. I have done this enough in my life and I don't want to do it again but I cannot refrain myself form thinking about something else! Well the name of the story I am currently working on is "Unwritten" and this time I want to make it ironic by actually complete writing it. But the irony will soon die and I guess the story will be left Unwritten. I have never finished what I started. Let's just see what happens. 

So today, at the computer period I showed my Hello Poetry poems to one of my friend which was a big step for me. I didn't show her some poems which were very personal for me and she asked the question I always dreaded to listen to, "If they are so personal then why have you published them so that all the strangers could see?"

Well that is completely a different story.

With strangers I have this thing in my mind that they don't know me well. You see, on the outside I am very lively and fun, and on the inside I am a bit opposite. So the strangers know the opposite side of me while the people close to me know that fun loving and mischievous side of me. I want the people I know in real life to think that I am an all-time elated person although at times my mood is pretty gloomy (on the outside). My character is like a mirror. On one side of the mirror I am something else, my right limbs are on my right side and my left limbs are on my left side. But the on the other side my image is laterally inverted. My right brain is on the left and left brain on the right when we look at the other side of the mirror. 

And here comes my all-time favorite dialogue: my thoughts are as entwined as any girl's relationship status- complicated.

Your Chimp,

Mercury Chap

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