Fix a Heart [Sequel to Heartbreak Girl]

Luke and Callie have had problems in the past. Now that they have gotten much closer to each other and some unexpected things happen, what will their future hold?

Sequel to Heartbreak Girl (make sure to read it first or some things may not make sense!)


5. Chapter 5

Callie’s POV 


“Good morning!” I say to Luke as I woke up, seeing as he was already awake. I barely had a voice. “Morning beautiful!” He said with a smile, “don’t have a voice I see.” 

“Shut up.” I croaked out hitting him in the arm. I sound like a frog. 


 Luke’s POV 

 I hope she has a voice by tonight when I ask her the special question. I thought. Either way, I am nervous but also very excited and I can’t wait to see her reaction, the guys even told me they can’t wait.

I planned a couple more things, tonight at the meet and greet while Callie is still getting ready, I am going to ask some fans to hold up signs when I have her come out. They will spell out “Callie, will you marry me? - Luke” and then when she turns to me, I will already be down on one knee with the ring. I hope this works out, but just incase I need to come up with a plan B. 

 *beep beep* I get a text, interrupting me from my thoughts. I look down at my phone to see that Callie had texted me. 

Callie: you okay? you zoned out for a minute. 

Me: yeah, I’m fine, just thinking about the show tonight 

Callie: yeah, it’s going to be fun, hey I wonder if we will see those girls from warped 

Me: maybe I don’t know. Oh hey, if you want your voice back texting is the best thing to do. 

Callie: I know, thats why I’m doing it duh 

Me: okay okay 

 We ended the texts and i pulled her closer to me, it’s kind of early and I don’t even have to be at soundcheck for about three more hours. We cuddled for a while until i noticed her breathing softened, signaling she was asleep. I decided to take a selfie. 

 I tweet the selfie saying “@Luke5SOS: big day today, for many reasons, but somebody here doesn’t have a voice and is sleepy.” She’s so going to kill me later. I fell back asleep for about thirty minutes until the guys burst into the room and jumped on the bed waking Callie and I. 

 “Get off me mate!” I groaned. I’m not sure which one of the guys is laying on my back but I’m guessing Michael. 

“Nahh.” Yup, I was right it is Michael. I rolled over so that he fell of into the floor. 

“OW! Luke you butt!” He says getting up out of the floor. 

“Hahahaha you said butt!” I say laughing. 

“Shut up Luke!” He says as he smacked me in the face with a pillow. 

Needless to say we ended up in a pillow fight, including the other guys and Callie. 

 Sometimes I have no idea how we don’t get kicked out of the hotels we stay in. Like seriously. “I’m going to go take a shower.” Callie whispered in my ear, while getting up and grabbing her phone to go listen to music while she showers. 

 “So do you have everything planned out?” Ashton asks in a hushed tone considering Callie was in the bathroom and the walls are quite thin. 

“Yeah, I just have to make the posters, and if the fans wouldn't be able to hold them up, would you guys do it?” I ask 

“Yeah sure!” Calum says while smiling. I know that he’s happy for me. 

“Help me make the posters!” I say as I get out the markers and paper. “And nothing inappropriate either.” I say while looking to Michael. “Aww why not?” He asks pretending to be sad. “Because this is something special, and I would like for it to be cute.” 

 After some time we ended up with each poster, each having little hearts leading up to a picture we tried to draw of a ring. It’s not the best but it will work. 

 I heard the water quit running so the guys took everything to their room so that Callie wouldn't see it. She walked out having the towel loosely hanging off of her. I walk up to her and wrap my arms around her. 

“Hello beautiful.” I whisper into her ear. She shivers. 


 Callie’s POV 

I walk out of the bathroom with the towel hanging loosely off of me, I know Luke would like that. I walked over to my suitcase talking out my clothes. I suddenly feel a pair of arms wrapped around me and Luke's breath on my neck as he whispers “hello beautiful” in my ear causing me to shiver. 

 I turn around so that I am fully facing him. I still have no voice unless I whisper, then its still hardly there. I smile. 

 He tries to take the towel off of me, but I get away from him, running around our small hotel room. Eventually the towel fell off, and Luke just started at my bare body. I was still really insecure about my body even though Luke had seen it multiple times. 

 He walks over to me and started tracing my tattoo. “I remember when we got these.” He smiles. 

“So do I. We were both so nervous, and you had talked me into getting a lip ring.” I whisper, making him laugh a little considering I still don’t have a voice and somehow still sound like a frog even when I whisper. 

“Yeah. You looked hot with that lip ring. You should get it redone.” 

“Maybe. But I really want a belly button piercing, would you take me?” I ask, my voice coming and going between my words. 

“What?” he asks. 

I hold up a finger telling him to wait a minute as I walk over and grab my phone texting him to tell him.  


Luke: Yeah, of course. I think that would look super hot on you ;) 

Me: Oh shut up 

*end of text* 

 Luke had picked out my outfit for tonight. He wanted to for some reason, so he grabbed my most see through bra, and a black lace thong saying “I think these may come in handy later” as he winks, along with my black ripped leggings, and a Nirvana shirt. Typical. I go change and then I hang out with Ashlyn while the boys go to soundcheck.  

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