Fix a Heart [Sequel to Heartbreak Girl]

Luke and Callie have had problems in the past. Now that they have gotten much closer to each other and some unexpected things happen, what will their future hold?

Sequel to Heartbreak Girl (make sure to read it first or some things may not make sense!)


4. Chapter 4

Callie’s POV   When we got to the place where Warped was being held, I saw the BVB merch table and grabbed Luke’s wrist dragging him with me.   “OH MY GOSH LUKE LOOK THEY ARE MEETING FANS OH MY GOSH!!!”  I whisper yelled to him. “Do you want to meet them?” he asked laughing, already knowing my answer “YES!!”   We walked over and got into line. “I’m so excited Luke!” i said getting shaky because I was nervous “I can tell, now calm down a little, i don’t want you having a panic attack and not being able to meet your favorite band!” He said while rubbing my back in attempt to calm me down, which it did, but once it was my turn I got so nervous.   “H-h-hi” I said walking up to the band “Hello, whats your name?” Andy asked. oh my gosh Andy Biersack is speaking to me, this must be a dream! “Callie” i said, finally not stuttering. “Well hello Callie, it’s nice to meet you. Would you like a picture with us and an autograph?” “Yes please!” I turned around and stood between Andy and CC and put my arms around their backs, as they did the same. Luke took the picture for me, then I had the band sign my shirt. “Thank you!” I said while giving them each a hug as I left to go on down and buy another shirt.   “That was so amazing! They’re so sweet!” I said excitedly, then I saw Johnnie Guilbert. “Luke! Can you take a picture of me and Johnnie!?” “Sure” he laughed. I paid for my BVB shirt then took off toward Johnnie.   “Johnnie!” I yelled when I was only a few feet away from him, he looked over to me and smiled. When I got up to him, I told him that I had watched every one of his youtube videos, and that I did youtube as well. He looked up my youtube and subscribed to me which I freaked over. “You’re a really good singer!” He said after listing to a little bit of one of my videos. “Thank you!” I said while blushing. “Could I get a picture with you?” “Of course!” We took two, a normal one, then both of us doing silly faces. “Are you going to see BVB?” he asked. “Yeah, they’re like my favorite band ever!” I said. “Yeah they’re pretty cool! Hey they’re starting soon so if you want a good spot you should probably get going.” He said with a smile. “Alright, thanks! Nice meeting you Johnnie!” He smiled.   Luke and I walked over to the stage where BVB would be performing and got close to front row, so we had a pretty good spot.   “OMG! Is that Luke and Callie!?” we hear someone scream and we turned our heads. “IT IS!” They said and a few girls came running over to us. “Hi, can we get a picture? We love your band Luke and you and Callie are so cute together!” one of the girls said. We both smiled “Thank you, and of course!” Luke said. We all posed for a picture as one of the girls asked someone to take the picture for her. “It was so nice meeting you guys! Luke do you like BVB?” Another girl asked. “I’ve only listened to them once or twice, they seem pretty cool, but I know Callie really wanted to see them, so I got her tickets.” “AWWWW!” All the girls said in sync. “Are you coming to the show tomorrow night?” I asked them. “Yeah, we’ve been waiting years to see the guys and we finally get to and still can’t believe we met you Luke!” One of the girls said as she looked over to Luke. “Well, I’m excited to see you guys there, and I hope you enjoy the show!” He said. We hugged each girl and they went off to wherever they were going.   Once the show had started I was going crazy screaming and jumping up and down, I sang along to every song that BVB sang, while Luke just stood there and watched me.   Luke’s POV   I was watching her, she was singing along, jumping up and down, and screaming. I could tell how happy she was. She always told me about how she had dreamed about coming to Warped, and I’m happy that I could make that dream a reality, just like how my fans had made my dream a reality.    I’m not going to lie though, overtime that Andy screamed, I jumped a little. It doesn’t seem like the type of music that Callie would listen to, but she’s like in love with them.   *Skip the rest of the concert*   Once we had made it back to the hotel we were staying at, I watched Callie take off her makeup. I laughed because she had black all over her face. “Hey, this isn’t funny! I’m tired and want to go to bed but I have black all over my face!” She said giggling a little. “If it’s not funny then why are you giggling?” I ask. “Shut up Hemmings”   Once we had both changed and Callie got her makeup off, we climbed into bed. Callie laid with her head on my chest and fell asleep. I thought about tomorrow and how excited I was, but also how nervous I was, before I fell asleep.
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