Mama please

A girl who' s an orphan, her father who abandon her and mother. Her mother was very ill and died, she became a boy's friend and girlfriend, plus this girl had a secret that only her, my parents, and him knows. What's her secret.


5. This difference between me and her

When school was over, I went home, I started to cook my dinner. While I was eating my dinner and doing my homework, I looked at the moon and the stars. My other side started to talk me "Go hunt, I'm getting weak," I didn't listen to her. When I fell asleep, a feeling that was unexplained lead me somewhere near a gangster's territory is at. Miguel saw me walking in a lingerie, he took me somewhere safe, he saw that I was changing into my other self, I woke up and Miguel said "I see the true you," I look at him then I looked at myself and saw that I was covered in someone's blood, I left back home, Miguel didn't come to school either did I. Ms.Badger was worried that I had gotten sick or worse, when she went my house, she saw a lot of boxes outside in the garage, when she saw me packing my mother's things in the garage, she knew that I wasn't okay. I waved at her and said "Ms.Badger, look I wanted to say that I won't be going to school anymore," Ms. Badger was very sad and she said "Oh, I really don't want you to go at all, we will miss you." I knew that there was an evil side to me.

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