Mama please

A girl who' s an orphan, her father who abandon her and mother. Her mother was very ill and died, she became a boy's friend and girlfriend, plus this girl had a secret that only her, my parents, and him knows. What's her secret.


2. The stranger

3 months passed, I wasn't eating at all, when I went to school, the whole school had sympathy for me, especially the staffs. Then during classes, I was sent to the principal's office, I knocked on her door, then Ms.Badger said "Ah yes, I want you to show our new student the school but you do that, can you get him all clean up?" I nodded , I took him to get clean, I saw a locket and asked "What's your name?" He didn't speak, when I touched his hand to clean his cut, he said "Don't touch me." I looked at him and asked "Can I wipe the blood off your hand?" He looked at me for a minute or two, then he started to walk away without a shirt, I stop him, he got so pissed. He said "Get away from me, now!!" I said "Please don't be pissed," I wanted to cry, he walked to me, I said "Please, I let you changed." He looked at me for a couple of minutes, then he started to changed, I turned to looked at his locket for awhile and then I left so he had privacy.

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