Mama please

A girl who' s an orphan, her father who abandon her and mother. Her mother was very ill and died, she became a boy's friend and girlfriend, plus this girl had a secret that only her, my parents, and him knows. What's her secret.


6. My love for him

When I was trying to keep everyone that I loved away, Miguel came by, I said "Please go away," he looked at me and he grabbed my hand. I slipped away from him then I went back inside to strain myself, I got in corner where I couldn't see the sun any more. When Miguel came in, I said "Get out!" He said "No, I'm going to stay with you and never leave your side!" When I looked at the locket, I let the other side of me get the best of me. The true side of me was out, I said "Miguel, you should run," Miguel knew that I wasn't myself, then he hugged me, I swarmed around tried to get away from him. Then I looked at his locket, I grabbed it, he said "Do it!!" I pulled it off then he pulled mine off, we transformed into our true form, we are lovers and vampires forever until death has come. We got married, had a daughter and a son, and we were back at school again. We will protect and love our family forever until we die, then counsel wasn't please at all, but they accepted us as a family.

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