Mama please

A girl who' s an orphan, her father who abandon her and mother. Her mother was very ill and died, she became a boy's friend and girlfriend, plus this girl had a secret that only her, my parents, and him knows. What's her secret.


3. His locket and mine

I went into the cabinets, while I was looking for something, I started to think about my mother, then tears were coming down my cheeks. He came out, I let go of my locket, I said "We should get going before Ms.Badger thinks that we ditched," he said "No more crying." I said "Okay, I like your locket, it looks same as mine," he looked at the locket for awhile, I was getting a little irritated, I asked "What's your name?" He said "Miguel Vasquez," we went to his class, he has 4th and 7th period classes with me. Then Mr.Martinez asked "Don't you have a 1st period class to go to?" I shook his head and said "Ms.Badger wanted me to show our new student around the school," Mr.Martinez said "Is that so," I nodded, I started to introduce Miguel to Mr.Martinez. Then all of the girls were all over him, I got a phone call from an old friend, I said "Hello,"  Lil Angel said "Hey Stephanie, we are having a party, can you invite your principal?" I said "Sure, bye." I went to Ms.Badger's office to tell that she's in invited to a party, Ms.Badger asked "How is he?" I shrugged and said "Angel wants to invite you to his party." Ms.Badger nodded, while I was walking to find a quiet place, a girl saw me. 

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