Mama please

A girl who' s an orphan, her father who abandon her and mother. Her mother was very ill and died, she became a boy's friend and girlfriend, plus this girl had a secret that only her, my parents, and him knows. What's her secret.


4. A fight

She was walking up to me, I turned around and started heading somewhere else, then she said "Hey Stephanie, where are you going?" I didn't say anything, I saw Miguel playing soccer, then Amanda started to pull my hair, I started yell. She started to punching me and kicking me, then Miguel saw me getting beat up, I got up and I stop pretending to be a innocent girl for few minutes, when she tried to kick me in the face, I stop her. I kicked her in the stomach, I said "You know what you should know by now that is no fighting," Amanda looked at me, she saw that I was no longer a sweet girl, she left, when Miguel saw that I was bleeding. I went to the nurse's office to get clean up, when Ms.Yang asked "What happen?" I didn't answer, she knew that there was another fight, and she saw that I transform into a different person.

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