The Side No One Sees

Welcome to crazy, slightly sociopathic mind of Roberta Gratzioli, sixteen-year-old British female. I am now going to pour out my soul into this diary. It feels weird to be doing this. It is like I am letting go of everything that has been pulling me down and making me feel like I am worthless. You guys are now like a therapist who I can talk to and maybe you will comment on what you think I should do. I have decided that this will be themed so each chapter will be fandomised one way or another (I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha' getcha'. Okay just me singing all by myself.)

Read away and I will kidnap you and drag you down to my wine cellar and then possess you. Ha ha no.

Read away and this is my entry for the Diary Competition.


8. 27th May 2015

Work experience is finally over. Hallelujah. Being with a vet was actually quite fun. I learned how to castrate cat and dogs. funnily enough castrating dogs is the sam as castrating humans. Heh, Heh Heh. Morbid laugh. 


Ahem,  Ahem. So we are starting to get to know me better. I have to say one thing that will easily get killed on this website: I HATE ONE DIRECTION! However, I do read the fanfiction because it is so cliche and funny as hell. But seriously? What do you see in them? My non-existant cat can sing better than them. The chickens the PUB owns sings better than them. Many people do. Also Taylor Swift. Don't like her either. enough about bands. 


School -again-

Zooming in on my now broke school to the music department. WHAT POSSESSED YOU O PUT FREAKING VENTS IN SOUND PROOF DOORS?! They are meant to be Sound Proof. So apart from the awful music depo where nothing works and the teachers don't give two about you. 


Zooming out and then in the PE department. A half a million pound Astro turf is fine. But when we don't have the money is when I am not okay. Doing a four-mile walk is okay also if it will benefit me in a way. When it is for the astroturf and it is called the 'Charity walk' for the school, I am putting my foot down and let me start ranting. 
Firstly, it is not for charity; It's for school. NOT CHARITY!

Secondly, four miles on the penultimate last day of the term will get you killed. I will remove the headmasters balls happily.

Thirdly, I am a creature of the internet and FORBIDDING ALL ELECTRICAL dEVICES from this walk will also get you killed. 


Rant over, comment, like, favourite if you agree or disagree. Leave it alone and remove from your library for all I care, but tell everyone about it. :)


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